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Why you should give your customers a Branded Calendar

Branded Calendars are useful – regardless of the industry or sector you’re targeting. A promotional business calendar will prominently display your business name, logo, or contact information to the customer. Think about how many times per day the average person consults their desk or wall calendar. Each one of these glances equals another time the customer or prospect will think of your business or organization.

The average person could easily have a desk calendar, another one hanging on the wall, one in a common area of the office, and at least one at home. Thinking in terms of promotional marketing gifts. You can provide your customers with several promo calendars – maybe even a variety of themes among the calendars – to place around the home and office. More the merrier – right!


branded calendar


Branded Calendar’s Pricing

The average price of a promotional wall calendar is cheaper than you may think. With the number of potential clients, customers, and industry decision-makers you could reach is staggering. A modest investment could enable you to target hundreds of customers in one hit. Imagine how much it would cost to produce a traditional ad in a paper or magazine. Then, think how well you can specifically interface with your intended base for a few hundred pounds.

One of the best reasons to use promotional calendars during your next marketing hit is they are universally appealing to people from ALL industrys or line of business. Everyone uses some type of calendar tool, and calendars are so common in offices and homes across the country. Tailor the custom calendar to the needs or interests of your customer and you’ll not only boost your business, but you will also provide value to the person receiving it. This is key!

Custom printed calendars with your promotional logo and contact details on will spotlight you brand and keep you front of mind for a full 12 months, if not longer. When you break down the cost over that amount of time, the price of each calendar seems nearly next to nothing, but the investment long-lasting.


Order a batch of printed calendars and show your existing clients that you’re there for them – any day of the year. Plus – everyone loves getting a freebie through the post. Especially when it can be used. not sure on size or design? Speak to our team today and we can walk you through it.

If you’re trying to grow your business in an effective manner, calendars are the way to go. With a new year upon us, promo calendars lead the pack.

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