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With events and exhibitions getting more and more important, there are endless options to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

We understand how important it is for your business to create a real impression, this is why we offer a range of high-quality promotional merchandise and we are adding to our growing list monthly.

Whether it's our complete custom mugs, for your office, customers, or staff, or your personalized tote bags that really show you mean business.

Mugs Fully personalized and custom mugs. These are perfect for the office or general kitchen area of your company. We can print your slogan or logo on our dishwasher-proof 10 oz mugs. View Prices  
Coasters Here at Essexbanners, we have a wide range of custom printed coasters that can be created to display your business logo or message. As these items are so handy, they're a great choice if you want to get your brand into homes and office spaces for maximum exposure. View Prices  
Budget Branded Pens These Black Ink Ball Point Pens are available in a range popular colours For Business, it is a great way to proudly display your Company Logo, Company Name, Company Details and promote your business. View Prices  
Clear Branded Coffee Cups A twist on our bestselling coffee mug, this modern looking tumbler makes the perfect drinking cup to promote your company brand or logo. Made from plastic, the tumbler has a glass-like appearance with exceptional clear and robust View Prices  
Floor Mats Maximize prime advertising space for your business by getting a custom Printed floor mats. Printed in high-quality full-color inks. View Prices  
Outdoor Branded Rug Outdoor logo mats from Essex Banners provide an excellent opportunity to put your external floor space to better marketing use. Get attention outside and draw customers into your shop or event. Not only do outdoor printed mats create instant brand awareness but also clean peoples shoes prior to entering, ensuring front doors and floors remain clean at all times. View Prices  
Balloons Custom printed balloons with corporate logos and branded messages for promotions or events. Lift your customer's spirits and grab their attention with branded balloons! Bring your event to life! View Prices  
Mousemats Custom printed mouse mats are a unique and functional way to promote your business or brand. These mouse mats are made from durable materials that will withstand daily use and feature a high-resolution print of your design. They are perfect for use in offices, homes, or as promotional giveaways at events. View Prices  
Full Colour Umbrellas Stay dry and stand out in the crowd with these durable, full-color umbrellas. Perfect for both practical use and making a brand statement, our printed umbrellas are a must-have accessory for any weather or company View Prices  
Umbrellas Are you looking for an branded item that your customers can use on rainy days? At Essex Banners we have the product that you are looking for: Printed Umbrellas! Thanks to their strong fiberglass frame, these umbrellas incorporate automatic opening and closing springs that make them very resistant. They have metal tip, velcro closure. Available in several different colours. View Prices  
Beach Towel Printed Printed branded beach towel. Perfect to promote your event or product around the pool or on the beach. Take away on your holidays and never stop promoting View Prices  
Premium Metal Pens A premium pen is not only a practical writing tool, but also a statement accessory that reflects sophistication, elegance, and luxury. They are perfect for professionals, executives, and anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. View Prices  
Air Fresheners Custom car printed air fresheners are a unique and effective way to promote your brand or message. These air fresheners can be printed with your logo, design, or message, and they offer a long-lasting fragrance that will keep your car, home, or office smelling fresh and pleasant. They are made from high-quality materials and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. View Prices  
Aztec 2 Colour Mugs Adding your company's logo to a mug is a great way to keep your brand visible. The Aztec 340 ml ceramic mug is a fantastic option that can be customized to your liking. With its convenient handle and ample 340 ml capacity, this mug is just right for a satisfying beverage. View Prices  
Printed Paper Cups Printed paper cups as an effective means to boost your brand visibility and connect with customers. These cups come in various sizes and offer customisation options with your own design or assistance from our in-house design team. Ideal for both hot and cold beverages. View Prices  
Silicone Custom Wristbands Printed silicone wristbands offer a vibrant and durable solution for promoting your message, brand, or cause. Made from high-quality, stretchable silicone, these wristbands can be fully customized with full-color printing, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. View Prices