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A-frame Pavement Signs

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2 x FREE Waterproof Posters

A-frame signs are a fantastic tool your clients can use to bring new customers into their store. Printed on weatherproof PVC, your artwork is duplicated to catch attention from both directions. Your sign will also arrive pre-fitted but you can buy replacement posters whenever you like.

Please note there is a 10mm bleed around all edges of the poster, to allow for the frame. Therefore the viewable size of each poster will be:
A2 - 574 x 400mm 
A1 - 820 x 574mm


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Product Specifications

A-frame products, commonly known as sandwich boards, are versatile advertising tools suitable for a wide array of business types and events. Available in standard A1 and A2 sizes, these freestanding displays are ideal for attracting foot traffic to cafes, boutiques, and service-based businesses. Their portable and durable design makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Businesses often use these A-frames to showcase daily specials, upcoming events, or promotional sales. The A1 size provides ample space for eye-catching designs and readable text from a distance, while the smaller A2 is more suited for tighter spaces and concise messages.

The construction of A-frame signs typically includes materials like metal or heavy-duty plastic, ensuring longevity and resistance to various weather conditions. The ease of changing the displayed message is a significant advantage, as the signs can be updated frequently with minimal effort, using either pre-printed posters or writable surfaces. This flexibility makes A-frame products an economical choice for continuous marketing throughout the year. Additionally, the simple yet effective structure of A-frames enhances sidewalk aesthetics without obstructing pedestrian flow, making them a popular choice among urban businesses aiming to increase their visibility.


Our A-Frame pavement signs are:

-- Features 32mm profile aluminum snap frames with rounded corners for enhanced safety.
- Includes anti-glare poster covers that are UV resistant and minimize sunlight exposure to preserve poster colors.
- Constructed with galvanized steel back panels and hinged locking arms for superior weight distribution and stability.
- The back panel is designed for vinyl applications, allowing for messages in between poster displays.
- Compact fold-flat design for easy relocation and storage.
- Available in standard sizes with a choice of silver anodized or black powder-coated finishes.


Artwork Guidelines

Please use our templates below to setup your poster artwork. You can upload this at checkout 

A1 Poster template PDF

A2 poster template PDF


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