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Crest Flags

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Order high quality crest flag printing with custom designs featuring your logo, emblems and taglines. Printed onto 117gsm knitted polyester with dye-sublimation process resulting in 80-90% show-through on the reverse.

Crest flags are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. They're suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and available in 4 sizes to make a big impact. Our crest flags are fitted with black sleeves as standard. However, white sleeves are available at no extra cost. If you require a white sleeve, please let us know when placing your order. View an instant online quote and order line or speak to our team if you have any questions.

Our crest flags are supplied with a free ground spike. We have a range of custom flag bases to order online.

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Product Specifications

Crest flag printing allows for intricate designs, emblems, or logos in the distinct shape of a crest.

Businesses, sports teams, universities, and charities often utilise crest flags for branding, marketing and wayfinding. These flags serve as dynamic marketing tools that can be displayed at events, storefronts, stadiums, or other prominent locations, effectively capturing the attention of passersby and leaving a lasting impression.

Printed onto 117gsm knitted polyester with dye-sublimation process resulting in 80-90% show-through on the reverse.

  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble
  • Printed using a dye-sublimation process for great show-through on the reverse
  • Finished in-house with our industrial sewing machines
  • Includes high-performance aluminium and GRP poles (collapsible into multiple pieces)
  • Available in four sizes
  • Multiple options for bases (not included). View base options.
  • Stable up to beaufort scale: 4 (13-18 mph)

Double-Sided Crest Flags

These consist of two knitted polyester flags with a blockout membrane sandwiched between the two. All three layers are stitched together and supplied as one item.

Please note, our crest flag bases are not intended to support the additional weight of double-sided flags. For this reason, flag bases are not covered by our warranty when used with double-sided flags.

Sleeve Colour

Our flags are fitted with black sleeves as standard. However, white sleeves are available at no extra cost. If you require a white sleeve, please let us know when placing your order.

Please note, our flag bases are only covered by warranty when used with single-sided flags.

  • Cross Brace & Weight Bag for Small/Medium flags only
  • Large Cross Brace & Weight Bag for Large/Extra Large flags
  • Metal Ground Spike for all flag sizes
  • Basic Parasol Base for Small/Medium flags only
  • Medium Parasol Base for all flag sizes
  • Large Parasol Base for all flag sizes. Intended for large and extra large.
  • Premium Parasol Base with Feet for all flag sizes. Intended for large and extra large.
  • Square Base (Small / 7kg) for indoor use with Small/Medium flags only
  • Car Foot for all flag sizes

Crest Size Specification

Crest flag sizes


Consider where you position your crest flag, as air pollution will cause the white areas to become grey and UV can, over time, cause deterioration and fading to the fabric.

Flags can be washed in a regular washing machine on a 40° wash with everyday detergents. Always allow your flag to completely dry out before storing.

Ensure that your flag doesn't catch or snag on its pole or any other surrounding objects. Do not place poles too close together.

Dismantle your flag during adverse weather conditions, including strong winds in excess of beaufort scale 4 (13-18mph). Heavy rain combined with high winds can increase the weight of the flag and put extra strain on the pole.

Life expectancy is entirely dependant on the climatic conditions and hours of flying. Realistic maximum lifespan of a regularly used flag is six months.

Artwork Guidelines

Please see below our templates for your crest flags. If you are producing artwork, please use our templates:

Single Sided

Small Template

Medium Template

Large Template

X Large Template

Double Sided Template

Small Template

Medium Template

Large Template

X Large Template


These templates will help you create your design at the correct size, shape and proportion for the Feather Flag, and are setup at 20% scale of full size.

Please note, each size differs in shape and proportion. The template used must match the size ordered.


  • The red line is the bleed line. Artwork must extend to this line. The area in between this line and the safe area line must only be used as a quiet area.
  • The purple line is the cut line. Perimeter of the cut graphic area, before any finishing. The area in between this line and the finished line will be used for hems and attaching the sleeve.
  • The blue line is the finished line. This is the perimeter of the visible graphic area, after the graphic has been finished.
  • The green line is the safe area line. Important content (text, logos etc.) must be kept within this line.
  • The grey line is the flag sleeve. This shows the location of the elasticated flag sleeve, when finished and attached.


Please note, this template contains a locked layer that is set to be non-printing. Any artwork elements that are put on this layer will not be included in exported PDFs, and will not be printed. Please check your exported artwork before sending it to us.

  • Guide (Non-Printing) (locked). Must not contain any of your design elements. May be deleted, if desired.
  • Design. Must be used to create and supply your design.

Artwork Requirements

Flag artwork must be supplied:

  • At the exact size of the template
  • With all fonts outlined
  • With all images embedded
  • With all design elements on the Design layer
  • With all important content inside the safe area
  • With background/quiet content all the way to the bleed line
  • With none of the template guide lines included or flattened
  • With no crop marks, bleed marks, colour bars or other registration marks present
  • As either PDF (preferred), AI or EPS format
  • With exported files checked that all design elements are included
  • With both front and back designs included (applies only to double-sided flag templates)


How do i take care of my flag?

To get the most life out of your flag, it’s important to take good care of it. Here are some tips:

  • If your flag is intended for outdoor use, bring it indoors or take it down during high winds (over 25 mph). High winds can cause tears and rips in the fabric.
  • Avoid adding weight to the flag, such as snow or heavy rain.
  • Choose a location for your flag carefully. Avoid places where it may flap against solid surfaces, which could cause tearing or wear.
  • Wash your flag regularly to remove dirt and debris and prevent discoloration. Our flags can be dry-cleaned or machine-washed at 30 degrees.
  • Make sure your flag is completely dry before folding or storing it. To remove creases, it’s best to hang the flag back on its pole.

What material are you flags printed on?

Our flags are printed onto 117gsm Knitted Polyester with dye-sublimation process resulting in 80-90% show-through on the reverse.

Which base is suitable for my flag?

The type of base you require for your base depends on the ground you wish to place it on. For instance, if you are displayed your flag on soft ground it is best to use a ground spike to anchor your flag to, whereas if you are placing the flag on hard ground it is best to use a water base. If you plan to display the flag indoors then a cross-base stand or square plate is the most suitable option.  

Can my flag be used indoors?

Yes your flag can be used indoors. They are designed for indoor and outdoor use. When using the flag indoors – we would recommend using a square base. 

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