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Pop Up Exhibition Stands

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Pop-up exhibition stands offer a dynamic, portable solution for impactful branding at any event. Customisable and durable, these stands transform exhibition spaces into engaging brand experiences, perfect for various promotional needs.

Each stand features a pop-up mechanism for easy assembly and magnetic rails to mount your graphics panels on. Set up in 10 minutes with no tools and fits in the boot of your car.

This product contains both the printed graphics as well as the stands.

For more information on sizes, how to setup and what you get with your kit, please see this handy guide we have put together for you

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Product Specifications

Introducing our Pop-Up Exhibition Display: Your Ultimate Visual Solution

Elevate your brand presence and captivate your audience with our innovative Pop-Up Exhibition Display. Designed to make your exhibiting experience seamless and impactful, this display stand boasts cutting-edge features that set you apart.

Effortless Assembly:
Say goodbye to complex setups and hello to convenience. Essex Banners Pop-Up Exhibition Displays features a user-friendly pop-up mechanism that streamlines assembly. With minimal effort, you can have your display up and ready to impress within minutes. No more fussing over intricate instructions or cumbersome parts – assemble with ease and confidence. Just watch our video if you don't believe us :-)

Stunning Visual Impact:
Our display stand comes equipped with magnetic rails, offering a sleek and secure solution for mounting your graphics panels. With a pristine, professional finish, your graphics will pop, drawing in visitors and leaving a lasting impression.

Versatility Redefined:
Our portable displays are designed to adapt to your needs, whether you're at a trade show, conference or event. Its compact storage ensures hassle-free transport, making it your go-to solution for every occasion.

Quality That Lasts:
Crafted from high-quality semi-rigid, anti-scratch, light-stop, 500 micron pop-up material, our exhibition displays are built to last. The robust construction guarantees stability and durability, ensuring your investment remains a valuable asset for years to come.

Why print your exhibition stands with us:

  • Choose from a range of five sizes to suit your space and needs.
  • Comes supplied and ready to use, with a simple 15-minute setup.
  • Enjoy a bespoke-printed graphic, split into panels, on our high-quality 500 micron material. This material is semi-rigid, anti-scratch, and light-stop for the perfect display.
  • Illuminate your display effectively with two LED lights (available for 2×3, 3×3, 4×3, 5×3 sizes) or one LED light (for 1×3 size).
  • Magnetic bars are pre-fixed to your printed artwork, ensuring a seamless setup.
  • Easily portable with our moulded and wheeled carry case, providing both protection and portability (dimensions: W: 785mm, H: 990mm, D: 480mm).
  • The carry case doubles up as a functional wooden tabletop.
  • Quick turnarounds available with a 3-4 working-day production.
  • 12-month manufacturer's unit warranty.

Designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, pop up exhibition stands are perfect for companies who regularly attend events. They can be set up in minutes and are built to withstand the rigours of regular use and busy business environments. 

Whether you're looking for a business backdrop, promotional display banner, or portable pop up stand, Essex Banners can work with you.

Artwork Guidelines

Please set up your artwork to the following specifications:

    • Resolution: 300 dpi minimum
    • Format: PDF or JPEG
    • Colour: CMYK (RGB/Pantones will be converted)
    • Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
    • Bleed: 3mm
    • Safe Zone: 3mm

Please see below templates for you to work from:

1x3 Template

2x3 Template

3x3 Template

4x3 Template


**Please remember the dotted line sections in these templates are the "sides" of the exhibition stand. Bare this in mind when you send us your artwork 



Is possible to replace the graphics?

Yes, we can supply different or replacement graphics which can be used with one set of hardware. Making it cost effective for changing promotions or events.

How portable are these stands?

Being easy to store and transport is a key feature. These stands are designed to be lightweight and compact when disassembled, whilst providing a big impact when in use.

What sizes do pop up exhibition stands come in?

We supply 4 different common sizes

  • 1 x 3 / 2025mm x 2236mm (18kgs)
  • 2 x 3 / 2698mm x 2236mm (22kgs)
  • 3 x 3 / 3371mm x 2236mm (23kgs)
  • 4 x 3 / 4044mm x 2236mm (25kgs)

If you need a specific size not listed please do contact us.

Can I customise the design of my stand graphics?

You can choose from various sizes, and the graphics a fully customisable and can incorporate your own branding, graphics, and messaging.

How easy is it to set up a pop-up exhibition stand?

Ease of setup is a key feature. They are designed to be assembled quickly and easily, often without needing tools. Most can be set up by one or two people in a matter of minutes.

What are pop-up exhibition stands?

Pop-up exhibition stands are portable display systems used at trade shows and events to showcase a brand or product. They are designed for easy setup and can feature eye-catching graphics and designs.

Do I need tools to install it?

No, 1 person can install this with there hands. No tools required 

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