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Branded Stress Balls

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Experience the ultimate in brand promotion with our customisable Branded Stress Balls, available in a vibrant array of colors including red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. Crafted from high-quality materials, these stress balls are perfect for squeezing away the stress while keeping your logo prominently in view.

Ideal for trade shows, corporate events, and workplace wellness initiatives, these stress balls not only help reduce tension but also increase brand exposure. They are especially effective during product launches or as a creative touch to your seasonal marketing campaigns, providing a memorable and interactive experience for your audience.

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Product Specifications

Basic 60mm diameter stress ball available in a variety of colours.
Available Colours: Amber, Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow
Supplied By: Laltex Promo
Product Dims: 60mm dia

Printed branded stress balls are a highly effective and universally beloved promotional product, perfect for a wide range of marketing and branding initiatives. Not only do these small, squeezable items provide tactile stress relief, but they also serve as a dynamic canvas for your brand's logo or message, ensuring continuous exposure.

One of the primary advantages of printed branded stress balls is their versatility. They come in variousc olors, allowing companies to select a colour that best represent their brand identity. This customisation extends to the printing process itself, where you can choose to have your logo, contact information, or a catchy slogan displayed prominently on the ball's surface. The result is a personalised promotional item that resonates with the recipient on a visual and sensory level.

Printed stress ball

The effectiveness of stress balls as a promotional tool is partly due to their practicality. Everyone, from executives in high-stress environments to students preparing for exams, can benefit from the calming effects of a stress ball. This universal appeal makes them perfect for distribution in a broad range of settings. For instance, at trade shows and exhibitions, having stress balls on hand can attract visitors to your stall, providing an excellent icebreaker to engage in conversation while subtly promoting your brand. The tactile interaction with the ball helps make the promotional experience memorable, increasing the likelihood that the ball, and hence your brand, remains with potential customers long after the event.

Another ideal occasion for utilizing printed stress balls is during corporate wellness events. Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of employee health and well-being, and stress balls can be a fun yet practical component of a workplace wellness toolkit. By customising these balls with uplifting messages or your company logo, you not only contribute to lowering stress levels but also enhance company loyalty and spirit.

Furthermore, printed branded stress balls are a fantastic marketing tool during product launches or business milestones. They can be themed to match new products or services, making them a playful reminder of your brand's growth and innovation. Distributing these during press releases, launch events, or community gatherings can help generate buzz and foster an emotional connection with your audience.

From a marketing perspective, stress balls are a cost-effective choice. They are relatively inexpensive to produce, yet their long-lasting nature ensures that your investment continues to pay off well after the initial distribution. Unlike disposable promotional items, a well-made stress ball might sit on a person's desk, continually advertising your brand, for years.

In conclusion, printed branded stress balls are a smart, engaging, and versatile promotional tool that can be used in various settings to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Whether used in corporate, educational, or casual environments, they offer a lasting impact that few other promotional items can match.


Artwork Guidelines

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  • Artwork must be sized to the banner size required or an equivalent ratio i.e 2/1. This is to limit any resizing of your banner which could lead to stretching and pixilation.
  • The ideal resolution of the artwork will be greater than 150dpi but a lower resolution may be acceptable. We will double-check this for you before it goes to print

Purchasing multiple items in one order:

If you are supplying multiple files for an order, please email us with a breakdown. This needs to include your order number and a description of which files are for which product. Where necessary please specific quantities.

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