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From annual reports to employee handbooks, a good booklet can make all the difference in communicating your message. No matter the content that fills its pages, our booklets are printed with precision and bound with care. Choose from saddle stitched or stapled, perfect bound, loop bound, or wiro bound, and a host of paper types and weights.

Wiro Bound Booklets The wire-bound booklet is incredibly versatile. Build a branded notepad, planner, instructional guide or simply another form of an informational booklet. Wiro-binding is particularly good for any booklets you'll want to open flat without damaging the spine. The number of pages is listed in terms of printed pages (pp). For example, a 24pp booklet will be made of 12 double-sided pieces of paper. View Prices  
Perfect Bound Booklets With a glued spine and professional finish, perfect bound booklets are ideal for when you're out to impress. Our perfect bound booklets can hold an incredible 120 printed pages so you have loads of room to play with for text and images. Perfect Bind booklets look extremely professional and have a very crisp finish for the final product. Generally, perfect bind booklets are produced in higher quantities (minimum would be 25) and most importantly, one must keep in mind that a minimum page count of at least 40 sheets plus a thicker outside cover is required. View Prices  
Stapled Booklets For smaller printed brochures or booklets, take a look at our stapled range. Whether you're building a magazine or an events program, we've got an option for you. Remember to choose ‘self-cover if you want your covers to be the same thickness as your inner pages. View Prices  
Spot UV Stapled Booklets Give your stapled booklets a professional edge with Spot UV embellishments. This gloss finishing can really make a statement when you use it to highlight important design elements, such as your title. Just remember to leave 5mm clear at the bound edge to avoid cracking. View Prices  
Notebooks Is a branded stationery set truly complete without a customized notebook? Each notebook comes with 50 double-sided lined pages as standard (making 100 printed sides). Printed Spiral-bound notebooks are ideal for capturing those all-important ideas and reminders.  View Prices