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Tote Bag Printing

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Do you want your brand or message to really stand out in a truly unique and recognisable fashion? From the shopping centre to the library, your message will be seen everywhere with these colourful cotton bags! The bags are made of 136 gsm cotton and have a volume of approximately 10 Liters.

Available in many colours and FAST turnaround options. These tote bags can be printed single or double sided for ultimate exposure!


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Product Specifications


Material : 100%. Cotton

  • Handles: Long based
  • Size: 39cm x 41cm
  • Weight: 136gsm
  • Volume: 10 Litres

A single-sided tote bag has a design or image printed on one side of the bag only. The other side is typically plain or unprinted. A double-sided tote bag, on the other hand, has a design or image printed on both sides of the bag. This means that the design can be seen from any angle when the bag is being carried.

Double-sided tote bags are generally more versatile and offer more advertising space, but they also tend to be slightly more expensive to produce. 

Why pick a double sided tote bag?

There are a number of reasons why someone might choose a double-sided tote bag over a single-sided one. Here are a few:

  1. Increased visibility: Because a double-sided tote bag has a design or image printed on both sides, it can be seen from any angle when it is being carried. This makes it more likely that the design will be noticed and remembered by others, which is especially useful if the tote bag is being used for promotional or advertising purposes.

  2. More versatile: With a design on both sides of the bag, a double-sided tote bag can be used in a variety of ways. For example, it can be worn with the design facing out, or it can be turned around to show a different design depending on the occasion.

  3. More advertising space: A double-sided tote bag provides more space for advertising or branding messages than a single-sided bag. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses or organizations looking to promote their brand or message.

  4. Unique: Double-sided tote bags are not as common as single-sided tote bags, which means that it can make the design more unique and stand out.

  5. Cost-effective: Although double-sided tote bags tend to be slightly more expensive to produce than single-sided ones, they can be more cost-effective in the long run because they offer more advertising space and increased visibility, which can lead to more sales or conversions.

Artwork Guidelines

Template: PDF Download

For this product we need a Vector file to ensure the print quality. Not sure if you have a Vector file, or do you want to know how to create it? Please contact us
For preparing your file we recommend to use our template. This is the best way to deliver your file perfectly.


Are the bags waterproof?

No, Cotton Bags are not water repellent.

What material are the bags made of?

The cotton bags are made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a 100% natural product and therefore biodregradble.

What is this product and how can i use it?

Cotton bags are the replacement of your plastic bags. These bags are used very often as promotion material. They have a great look and are available in many different colours!

  • This product is used to / as:
    • Promote at fairs and events
  • Introduce people to your business
  • Represent your company’s identity or brand

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