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Presentation Folder Printing

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To help your business make a great first impression, look no further than our presentation folders. Our glued folders come fully finished and with a business card slot for a professional edge. Don't forget to add spot UV on matt laminated folders for extra flair.

Our presentation folders are the perfect solution for organizing and showcasing your promotional materials.


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Product Specifications

Presentation folders are a staple of any professional organization, providing a convenient way to organize and showcase promotional materials. With the advent of glued presentation folders, these versatile and functional items have become even more practical and affordable. Whether you're a small business owner, a salesperson, or a marketer, you'll find that glued presentation folders are an essential tool for presenting your materials in a polished and professional manner.



What exactly are glued presentation folders, and what makes them so special?

Glued presentation folders are folders that are held together using adhesive, rather than staples or another type of fastener. The use of adhesive provides a cleaner look and eliminates the need for any metal components, making these folders more environmentally friendly. Additionally, the use of adhesive allows for more flexibility when it comes to adding additional pages, making it possible to include more information in a single folder.

Another benefit of glued presentation folders is that they are typically easier to assemble and distribute. Because there are no metal components, these folders are less likely to break or become damaged during the assembly process. Furthermore, glued presentation folders can be easily packaged and delivered, making them a convenient choice for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

In conclusion, glued presentation folders are a practical and affordable solution for organising and showcasing promotional materials. With their clean look, ability to hold additional pages, and ease of assembly and distribution, these folders are a must-have for any professional organisation. Whether you're looking to promote a brand or simply present information in a polished and professional manner, glued presentation folders are an excellent choice.

Artwork Guidelines

Please see below FREE templates to use for your presentation folders. Please use these to setup your artwork 

Oversized A4 PDF

Oversized A5 PDF

  • Resolution: 300 dpi minimum
  • Format: PDF or JPEG
  • Colour: CMYK (RGB/Pantones will be converted)
  • Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
  • Bleed: 3mm
  • Safe Zone: 3mm


Can glued presentation folders be produced in different shapes or sizes?

Yes, glued presentation folders can be produced in different shapes or sizes to meet specific needs. Customisation options may include die-cutting or special printing techniques to produce unique shapes or sizes. Talk to us if you dont see the size you require 

What are the benefits of using a glued presentation folder?

Glued presentation folders offer several benefits, including a cleaner look, the ability to add additional pages, and a lower cost compared to other types of presentation folders. They are also typically easier to assemble and distribute.

Why is it called “GLUED” presentation folders?

A glued presentation folder is a type of presentation folder that is held together using adhesive, rather than staples or another type of fastener.

What are presentation folders and what are they used for?

Presentation folders are a type of folder with pockets and a die-cut slot for holding printed materials, such as brochures, flyers, or business cards. They are used to present and organize promotional or informational materials.

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