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Printed Paper Cups

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Printed paper cups as an effective means to boost your brand visibility and connect with customers. These cups come in various sizes and offer customization options with your own design or assistance from our in-house design team. Ideal for both hot and cold beverages, single-wall paper cups are not only versatile but also eco-friendly, being 100% recyclable.

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Product Specifications

Elevate your company's visibility with our logo-branded cups, a distinctive avenue for effective advertisement. Imprint your company logo on our coffee-to-go cups, and watch as your brand becomes a memorable fixture. These cups are versatile, serving a myriad of purposes—from outdoor events and take-away coffee to seminars, conferences, concerts, and special occasions. A paper cup with your logo transforms into a unique advertising platform, allowing you to convey any message important to you without being intrusive. The entire cup surface serves as a banner, seamlessly integrating your information.

This form of advertising is exceptionally non-intrusive, as users primarily utilize the mug for its intended purpose—to enjoy a drink. No need to persuade anyone to take a cup adorned with your advertisement; a simple offer of a cold or hot beverage suffices. Imagine opening a new store and handing out coffee-to-go cups branded with your logo; every customer becomes a walking advertisement, spreading awareness effortlessly.

The beauty lies in the convenience—they are designed exclusively for you, eliminating the need for washing. Embrace the convenience and impact of personalized paper cups with your logo and slogan, a unique and hassle-free promotional tool for your business.

But what cup do you pick?

100ml Printed paper cups

Ideal for espresso and tasting sessions, our 100 ml cups are the perfect choice for enthusiasts of aromatic hot espresso. Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee as your companion on any journey or location. These disposable cups offer versatility, serving not only as a practical solution but also as an opportunity for branding. Customize paper cups with your unique design for a delightful tasting experience. Hostesses can proudly serve customers in beautifully imprinted disposable paper cups, adding a touch of elegance to their offerings. Furthermore, facilitating shop tastings with personalized paper cups makes the process much simpler and convenient. Enhance brand visibility by incorporating your company logo or advertising slogan on these personalized disposable cups, capturing the attention of every consumer.

150ml Printed paper cups

The 150 ml disposable cups make an ideal choice for vending machines. These cups have proven to be a savior for students, helping them maintain focus during lengthy lectures. The seamless pairing of lecture centers and vending machines offering hot drinks ensures that students and lecturers never fret about dry throats during seminars. Whether in hospitals, medical clinics, car repair shops, beauty salons, or waiting rooms of various kinds, these disposable cups provide a convenient solution for enjoying hot drinks on the go.

200ml Printed paper cups 

In the realm of take-out coffee from virtually every coffee shop, the key to nailing the presentation lies in the use of paper cups! This simple yet impactful trick can elevate your brand visibility significantly. When you're pouring that delicious cup of coffee to go, why not capitalize on it? Coffee-to-go cups, available in 200ml sizes, go beyond being mere containers; they become a potent advertising medium. Emblazoned with your logo, these cups not only serve as vessels for your beverage but also as effective promotional tools visible to both the customer and everyone passing by.

Consider the scenario of an outdoor event where you're the organizer. Amidst the attractions, you can stand out by featuring custom coffee to go cups for your event company. This strategic move ensures that not only do attendees enjoy your event, but they also associate the wonderful experiences with your company, thanks to the branded cups. So, whether it's a bustling coffee shop or a dynamic event, let your brand shine through with logo-adorned coffee to go cups in both 150ml and 200ml sizes.

330ml Printed paper cups

Our 330ml cup stands as the largest in our selection. Whether it's soda, a small beer, or a generous coffee, this paper cup with a lid offers ample space, and the option for individual printing adds an extra layer of versatility beyond beverage choice. Concerts and outdoor events stand out as prime gathering spots, and our paper cups with lids present numerous opportunities. From communicating safety rules to advertising sponsors, these disposable cups become dynamic carriers of information. Fans attending events are always on the lookout for details like event plans, schedules, or line-ups, making a paper cup with a lid the perfect solution. Instead of refilling the cup multiple times, customers can opt for a large drink, ensuring they enjoy the music without the hassle of standing in line.


Artwork Guidelines

Please see attached your FREE templates 






- We exclusively accept non-editable files.
- The preferred file format is PDF.
- It is strongly recommended to submit artwork in PDF format.
- We do not accept files in PSD, AI, INDD, CDR, or JPG formats.


- Ensure all files are created in CMYK 8-bit color mode.


- Save all graphics at a resolution of 300 – 360 DPI.


- Properly outline all text objects (PDF).
- Minimum font size: 6 pt.
- Minimum font height: 1.2 mm.

Regarding the downloaded TEMPLATE
• simple rectangle template
-we will adjust your graphics to the shape of the cup
• advanced wrapped template
- does not require our adjustment before printing

Printed paper cups artwork guide


How can I send the files for the cups I have ordered?

At checkout you get the chance to upload your file 

In which format can I send the files?

The print files should be created in the following formats. Tiff, PDF or Jpg.

Can I get a proof print of the paper cup before the production?

We can make a test printout of your paper cup before you decide to order

What is the minimum order quantity for the paper cups?

500 is the min.

Do the paper cups have double -walls?

Our paper cups do not have double- walls. Our premium single layer cups seem to be the industry leader 

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