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Large Banner Printing

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We now have the availability to print extra wide and high quality large banners. PVC and MESH banners. If you need a large banner printed and it needs to be in one big section with no joins - you have come to the right place! Don't get your large banner printed in sections with joins etc that can weaken the strength. Order that ONE section large banner from us today! Contact our dedicated team and we can get back to you with a price within hours.

  • If you banner height is less than 2.4m we can print this on our standard machine, click here for a instant price 

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Product Specifications

We can print large banners using our 5m machine. These banners are printed using our heavy duty premium material and are of the highest quality. Anything bigger than 5m in height we can weld from the back to make your banner even higher. 

Width we can go as wide as 120m, so i doubt any project is a issue for us. Try us today for your large banner printing and lets get your latest project looking its very best. 

The mesh banner below is 5m x 12m all in ONE premium section.

Large banner printed

Large Banner installation Tips

Large banners can be displayed using banner tension frame systems, which are designed to hold the banner in place and create a solid sign effect. These frames can be used with flexface or illuminated backlit banners and are available in low-profile designs that allow for easy banner changeover.

When choosing a large banner tension frame system, it is important to check the specifications and ensure that they are compatible with your banner, including the size and any additional materials required. Some banner tension frame systems use wall screws, large penny washers, and bungee ties to secure the banner in place and create tension.

Another option is using a steel wire frame and bungee cord to tension the banner and allow for some flexibility in high winds.

Additionally, there are other methods for displaying large banners. One is using wall screws with large penny washers to protect the banner and achieve proper tension. It is important to ensure that the banner is not too loose, as this can cause flapping in the wind and damage to the hems and eyelets. Another method is using bungee ties to attach the banner to fixing points on the wall.

If you need some assistance or require us to install it fo you, please contact us today 

Artwork Guidelines

If you already have print-ready artwork please follow the steps below;

  • File format must be either PNG or PDF.
  • Artwork must be sized to the banner size required or an equivalent ratio i.e 2/1. This is to limit any resizing of your banner which could lead to stretching and pixilation.
  • The ideal resolution of the artwork will be greater than 150dpi but a lower resolution may be acceptable. We will double-check this for you before it goes to print

Purchasing multiple items in one order:

If you are supplying multiple files for an order, please email us with a breakdown. This needs to include your order number and a description of which files are for which product. Where necessary please specific quantities.

Don't worry, we can help you

If you need some help with your files or have any queries, please contact us before ordering. If we provide any proofs of your artwork, please note that colours may vary depending on your monitor settings. We can work with you to get the boest possible outcome for your product.

Wide large banner printing


How quick can you print a large banner?

Standard is 2/3 working days, but if you need it done quicker. Talk to our team, and if we can, we will help you and get it printed quicker 🙂

How big can you go for one section?

Our machine can print as wide as 5m and as long as 120m. So in theory the biggest is 5m x 120m. That’s huge!!

Any wider or bigger than this, we can still print, but we weld the banners together from the back.

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