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A-size Correx Sign Printing

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A-sized Correx signs are renowned for their affordability and effectiveness. Constructed from corrugated plastic, these signs are not only lightweight and sturdy but also versatile. Ideal for estate agents, informational placards, and outdoor advertising. Correx sign printing offers a range of customisation options, allowing businesses to feature their logo, brand colours, and messages. A weather-resistant sign for both indoor and outdoor use, making them a reliable and lasting solution for any business's marketing needs.

Simply select your correx print options to view and instant quote and proceed to order online and upload your artwork. If you need further assistance speak to our team.

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Product Specifications

Correx signs, often referred to as Correx boards are a popular and versatile form of signage. Made from corrugated plastic, correx signs are durable and lightweight, making them incredibly easy to handle and install. Although lightweight, the material is strong and weather resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The surface for Correx is smooth which allows for highly custom designs to be printed, from simple text to full colour graphics. This makes them ideal for promotional purposes and are a especially popular with estate agents, on construction sites and for event signage.

One of the most significant advantages of Correx signs is their weather resistance. Being made from corrugated plastic, they can withstand various weather conditions, from rain and wind to warm sunlight, without deteriorating. This durability ensures that the signs remain in good condition for extended periods.

Benefits of Correx Signs

Lightweight and Portable: Correx signs are easy to handle, transport and install, making them perfect for on-the-go advertising.

Durable Material: Constructed from sturdy corrugated plastic, these signs resist wear and tear, ensuring longevity. Ideal for repeated and long-term use.

Weather-Resistant: The materials is able to withstand unpredictable and inclement weather conditions, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Cost-Effective: Offering affordability, Correx signs are an economical choice for effective marketing. They provide a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive signage options.

Customizable: These signs can be tailored with unique designs, logos, and messages, aligning perfectly with your brand identity. Available single and doublesided.

Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of applications, from estate agency signs to construction site notices. Their flexibility makes them suitable for various industries and purposes.

Easy to Store: Their thin, stackable design makes storage straightforward and space-efficient.

They are eco-friendly, as they do not contain any toxic substances and can be recycled with other PVC products. They are also quick to produce, using minimal water and electricity. Correx boards can be installed virtually anywhere, using nails, double-sided tape, velcro, or even being folded to meet specific needs.

Where are Correx signs used?

They're an excellent choice for a wide range of purposes. 

One of the most common places you'll see them is as "for sale" or "to let" signs. Estate agents utilise Correx boards due their lightweight and sturdy nature. Their weather resistance ensures their quality will last, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Correx signs are also widely used as directional or information signage at exhibitions or events. Their so easy to customise and allow businesses to create eye-catching and on brand displays to attract attention. 

They're also perfect as safety notices in round environments such as building sites. The durability is a big benefit, especially when exposed to dust, debris and seasonal weather. 


Artwork Guidelines

When supplying artwork for printing, the preferred file format is PDF or high-quality JPG. To ensure that your design is print-ready, please make sure that it meets the following requirements:

  • Files must be at the correct scale (100% size) or at least in proportion (half size, quarter size, etc.)
  • The color mode must be CMYK (no RGB or Pantone colors, as these can cause problems)
  • All text must be converted to curves/outlines or at least embedded inside the supplied PDF
  • There is no need for extra bleeds or crop marks for simple rectangular signs

If you need design work or are unsure about the files you have, please attach them to your message at checkout along with a description of what you are looking for. Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.


Do you have an artwork guide?

Yes, click the link for all the information you need for your designs to be perfect. Artwork Guide

Can you print custom sizes and shapes?

Yes, contact us for more information.

What is the max size you can print in one section?

All out boards come in 6ft x 4ft sizes, which we then cut down to print. So in theory 6ft x 4ft would be the biggest size but you have to remember the transportation of this board, it will not fit in any cars or many small vans, so we normally always supply these in at least 2 section.

Is it suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes. It’s usually used for outdoor use but can also be used inside.

What is correx?

Correx is actually a brand name of corrugated plastic material, also known as polypropylene fluted board. The material is most widely used for estate agent signs and quick, durable outdoor signage. For more info on correx, check out our blog post where we talk all about it

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