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Custom flag printing made from high-quality 117gsm knitted polyester material. These flags are perfect for showcasing your brand or message at outdoor events, festivals, sports games, and more.

Made from durable and weather-resistant polyester, our bepsoke or personalised flags are designed to withstand the elements and remain vibrant and eye-catching in any environment. 

With a range of sizes and shapes to choose from, you can customize your flag to suit your specific needs. Whether you're looking to promote your business, celebrate a special occasion, or simply display your patriotism, our custom printed flags offer a versatile and effective solution.

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Product Specifications

Our custom flags are made from 117gsm knitted polyester - the industry standard materials that is both lightweight and durable. This material is durable and will ensure your flags remain vibrant no matter the weather conditions.

Our bespoke flags are printed with 80-90% show-through on the reverse which ensures your design is visible on both sides. Each flag is finished to your specific requirements, including a post print heating process to "fix" the ink into the fabric. The result in a scruff resistant and washable material.

Choose our custom printed flags for a high-quality, durable, and visually stunning way to showcase your brand or message at outdoor events, festivals, sports games, and more.

Custom flag finishing options

We offer a range of standard finishes, with no additional charges. You can choose from the following finishes to customise your flag:

Hems and eyelets: Hems are the folded and stitched edges of the flag that reinforce and strengthen the material. Eyelets are small metal rings that are inserted into the hemmed edge of the flag, allowing you to attach it to a flagpole or other structure.

Hems only: Ideal if you plan to display your flag using another method, such as clips or hooks or even if your holding it.

Pole pockets: A pocket sewn into the header of the flag, allowing you to slide a pole or dowel through the pocket for easy display. Pole pockets are a great option if you want to display your flag indoors or in a window.

Hook and loop (aka Velcro): Hook and loop strips that are sewn onto the back of the flag, allowing you to attach it to a Velcro-compatible surface.

Rope and toggle: A rope sewn into the header of the flag, with a wooden toggle that allows you to easily attach it to a flagpole. Ideal for outdoor displays and is a classic option for traditional flags.

Artwork Guidelines

Please supply your artwork to size. For any Bespoke Flags items, 50mm bleed must be supplied. This allows for any extra material required for hems, as well as shrinkage and movement when printing and cutting.

PDF is preferred 


What material are custom flags made of?

Our custom flags are made from knitted polyester which is the industry standard. It’s both lightweight and durable to ensure your flags remain vibrant in all weathers.

Where are custom flags used?

Custom sized flags can be used for a variety of purposes. You’d commonly see them outside businesses, around festivals, supporting sports teams and celebrating special occasions.

How do I install custom flags?

Depending on the finish you choose your flags can be placed, hung or held. You can order your flags to have eyelets, hems or poll pockets at no extra cost. 

Can I use my own design on custom flags?

Of course. Using our online ordering you can select the specific flag size you need, finishing options and upload your flag design. If you need any design assistance please speak to our team about our free design service.

What sizes can I get flags printed in?

Our custom flags are available in any custom size, simply enter your requirements above to see an instant quote. We do also supply a range of specific flag styles such as feather flags, teardrop flags and crest flags. You can see those products in our flag printing product category. 

Can custom flags be double-sided?

We printed flags with 80-90% show through on the reverse so although not technically double-sided, your flag design will clearly show on both sides.

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