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Exhibition Pop Up Stands Fact Sheet

exhibition pop up trade show standWith Events getting back into full swing, it’s important that you help your customers stand out from the competition and get noticed. Our portable and lightweight range of exhibition stands come in a variety of sizes for all kinds of demonstration spaces, events, and venues! We’ve taken the time to highlight some important details, instructions, and ideas for you to make use of.

What can you use them for?

The great thing about exhibition pop-ups is that they aren’t exclusive to exhibitions. Anywhere your customers want to show off their brand or need a visual aid, an exhibition pop-up could be the perfect solution.

Exhibitions – In the name, our exhibition pop-ups are great at drawing in passers-by at exhibitions fayres and tradeshows.

Backdrops – Maybe your customer needs something interesting to keep in the background of their team pictures or videos, with our interchangeable graphics, your customers won’t be left with boring backdrops.

Talks – If your customer is a public speaker or is featuring some time in the eyes of many, our easy to assemble stands are perfect for promoting their business and highlighting important material.

Charity – Whether it’s charities direct or your customer is doing some fundraising, an exhibition stand can help highlight mini shops, events, and donation areas.

Pop-Up Shop – When customers don’t come to the businesses take the business to them. Our exhibition pop-ups are super portable, meaning your customers can take their business and products all over, the high street, a shopping centre, anywhere!

Check-In – Hotels, hospitality or retail may need a dedicated area that highlights where customers should go should they need a certain service like cloakrooms, loyalty card sign-ups or guestlists.

What sizes are available?

We understand that not every event will require the same size pop-up. That’s why we offer a range of different sizes for your customers to choose from.

1 x 3 exhibition pop-up: 2025mm x 2236mm (18kgs) – Small and neat, this size stand is perfect for those smaller spaces.

2 x 3 exhibition pop-up: 2698mm x 2236mm (22kgs) – A little larger to stand out more, this pop-up is great for being seen without taking up too much space.

3 x 3 exhibition pop-up: 3371mm x 2236mm (23kgs) – Perfectly square, this stand is a fantastic way to stand out and get your details seen.

4 x 3 exhibition pop-up: 4044mm x 2236mm (25kgs) – Our largest size makes for the perfect statement stand, get creative with your graphics for an interesting backdrop.

How do I set up my artwork?

Setting up your artwork for an exhibition pop-up isn’t as hard as you may think. To get started we’d advise using one of our handy templates . You’ll find that the bleed and safety areas will already be set up for you, and all you need to do is add the design.

As exhibition pop-ups are rather large, we recommend that any images or logos you use have a resolution of at least 300dpi and remember to save your file with high resolution too.

As always, please save and send your document as JPEG or PDF with embedded text and images, check your spelling and grammar then let our team do the rest. We’ll be sure to put your design through its paces before it goes to print with our free 30-point artwork check.

How do I set up the stand?

Our exhibition stands prove to be popular simply because of how easy they are to transport and set up. Each of our stands feature a pop-up mechanism for easy assembly as well as magnetic rails to effortlessly mount your graphics panels on.

Setting up your stand

Step 1 – Expand your metal frame outwards and clip the three sets of blue bars together.

Step 2 – Connect the magnetic strips to your frame.

Step 3 – Roll out your graphics and carefully attach them by hanging them from the blue circles, keeping them flat and straight when sticking to the magnets.

Step 4 – To connect the sides, attach one side of the graphic and wrap it around to the reverse magnet, and you’re done!

Or check our handy video below:

Can I change my graphics?

With our exhibition pop-ups, you’re never stuck when it’s time to switch things up. Our stands have been created with changeability in mind. We offer replacement graphics so no matter where your customers are going and what their theme is, their graphics can be swapped in and out to suit their needs.

What’s included in my exhibition pop-up?

• Your exhibition graphics are printed on our 500mic PVC/latex hybrid. This PVC coating has an anti-scuff finish to help your pop-up stand last longer.

• A carry case that doubles up as your podium.

• Anodized aluminium frame for easy assembly.

• Halogen lamps to help illuminate your design.

No exhibition pop up is complete without complimentary print. Whether that’s business cards to hand out to passers-by or promotional materials like brochures and flyers. 

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