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Everything You Need To Know About Banner Printing

Of all the many different marketing vehicles and tools used by companies to promote their brand and services or products, one of the most effective – both in cost and raising promotional awareness – is business banner printing! Available in wide and large format printing, backdrop banners are a great way to highlight and communicate your corporate name, brand, logo, and core message to potential customers on a large and varied scale. Here are some examples of the options available through business banner printing:

Printed Vinyl Banners

Business banners printed on quality vinyl material are used mainly for outdoor advertising locations, such as trade fairs and conferences, and can used for any aspect of marketing. They can be printed in any size and easily hung in any location. Vinyl banners can be produced in both horizontal and vertical layouts and formats, so make ideal backdrop banners at any business event, retail park or any public space. Hardy and durable in construction, vinyl banners are just as effective at an internal or outdoor location.

PVC Banners for Versatility

This form of business banner printing is very versatile. PVC banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor display. They are ideal as a means of advertising for use in any location. Their weather resistant properties and the fact they can be printed and produced in any size or shape, means whatever design you want for your banner can be customised, printed, and displayed in any location of your choice.

Outdoor Mesh Banners

This form of business banner printing is perfect for outdoor advertising locations and events. Mesh banners have millions of tiny holes in them that allows wind, sound, and light to pass through them, so are effective in all weather conditions. They are extremely durable and can be produced in any size. This resistance to the elements makes them ideal for garden banner printing for any business, social or corporate event being help outdoors at any time of year. 

Washable Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are produced using durable fabric materials that then have dyes, pigments and other related materials applied to them to produce the message and imagery you want to advertise your company and/or products. They are usually crease resistant, durable, and machine washable, so can be used repeatedly in a host of environments.

Advantages and Benefits

Business banner printing offers several advertising and marketing benefits, making them a popular choice of corporate promotional tool utilised by businesses from every arena. Printed banners are cost-effective, adaptable, durable, reusable and can be easily and cheaply customised, as well as being extremely effective in grabbing the attention of all who see them in any location and environment!

Custom business banner printing is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools – speak with an established banner printing company about how they can help you with business advertising by promoting your brand with smart messaging through banners to increase both your direct sales and further lead generation.

Essex Banners Printing Service

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