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What is an A0 Measurement?

A0 size is typically used for posters, drawings, and outdoor advertising. But can also be used for outdoor signage boards.


a0 size poster

When is best to use A0 measurement?

The A0 measurement format makes the ideal size for promotional materials. They are large enough to be noticed at a short distance and yet remain easy to carry and setup. This means just posting them in busy areas will surely lead to an increase in your companies exposure. Which can further get you more customers.

They have enough surface space for you to incorporate a great busy design without having tiny text. Great for promoting your new products or letting your customers know about an up and coming event. A2 measurement is a popular size. As it lets you advertise just that. But they are just small enough to have their place in virtually all settings, from footpaths to hallways and shop front windows.


a0 size poster


Aside from these features, they also come in different materials such as the 135 gsm gloss paper. Which is perfect for indoors and snap frames. There is also the 115 gsm Blueback or colour blocking material for billboards and poster walls. Finally, there is 170 gsm PVC material, which is the best option outdoors as its fully waterproof.

If you are looking for a format that is easy to reproduce and put up but offers good brand exposure. Then you can never go wrong in choosing an A2 measurement poster or banner. For more information about these posters, feel free to get in touch with us or head straight to our website and order right away.

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