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What is a pop up banner size?

A Pop up banner size can come in different sizes. There is no standard size. It’s important to understand the difference between a pull-up banner and a pop up banner. Pull up banners are roller banners i.e banner stands and pop up banners are also known as pop out banners, and can be seen below:


pop up banner size

Here at Essex banners, we are a number of different pop up banners and they vary in pop up banner size:

1285mm x 700mm SMALL

2030mm x 900mm MEDIUM

2530mm x 1100mm LARGE

All these sizes come with double-sided print, carry bag, and metal pegs. These are a great product, perfect for outdoor advertising. The pop up banner size is the size of the printed area, which is the same on both sides. When folded down, they fold down to around half the size, and fold round for easy transportation.

If you wish to know more about pop out banners, check out our product page. Here you will find many FAQ regarding them and you can order online.

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