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What is the best PVC Banner Material to use?

What is the best PVC Banner material to use? Vinyl PVC banners are not the only material available to sign makers. Today banner substrate manufacturers offer a wide array of different materials in numerous colours. New material options include mesh, cotton, polyester, canvas and synthetic papers.

With so much to choose from making the right choices can be daunting. In this blog, We provide some direction to help you pick the right materials for your Banners.

PVC Banner Material (440gsm)

For most jobs, PVC banner material is still the best choice, being used in more than two-thirds of jobs.  For outdoor applications, PVC banner provide durability and easy to decorate using a wide range of media, such as ink, paint, and applied vinyl.

A very popular application for vinyl banner substrate is double-sided banners.  Instead of just sewing or otherwise finishing two separately printed banners, Essex Banners are now using dual-side printing blockout banners with their inkjet printers.

We use a high quality 440gsm thickness material, this is known across the industry as a thick, high quality material, that will make your PVC Banner last longer in the outdoor environment.


banner material


PVC Banner Material (550gsm)

Our heavy duty PVC banner printing offers supreme, top-of-the-range banner material. Heavy-duty banners use unique light block material which stops light show through. The heavy duty banner material is super strong, meaning it can withstand extreme conditions. Perfect for large banners in windy areas. The super-strong material made from nylon inner fibres which are coated in durable PVC and the centre sections has a black coloured liner which prevents any light show through. Heavy-duty banners are over twice as strong as regular 440gsm PVC Banner. If you require a banner that is the best on the market, then this is the product for you.

Looking for maybe a Banner that allows the wind to pass through it without effecting the print. Try our Mesh PVC Banners.


Mesh PVC Banner material?

What is a mesh banner? Mesh banners are banners with holes in them. Typically they are in the ratio of 70/30 or 60/40. Mesh banners are digitally printed and can be done in any size.

Mesh banners are more appropriate for large size banners that will go on a building or a fence. Since the banners will be viewed from a distance the holes in the material are not visible. Also, the holes allow the wind to pass through and therefore longer life for the banner. But mesh banners can only be single sided as compared to the PVC banner.


mesh banners


PVC FREE Banner material 

PVC FREE Eco friendly banners. These PVC FREE Banners are 100% recyclable. While a 12oz vinyl outdoor banner may feel thick in its properties, the 8oz EFB material holds similar strength characteristics.

  • PVC FREE 150gsm
  • Not machine washable
  • Printed with fade-proof UV-based inks
  • All banners come fully hemmed all round for extra strength
  • Heavy-duty material is available for large longer-lasting banners.


eco friendly banners


Consider asking our specialists to combine PVC Banners and Mesh Banners in your business venture. Our experts, they can help you blend a mix of the two types of signs, specifically for the projects best for each! A great option is PVC for some uses and Mesh for others! It’s not one size fits all. Contact us today and we can advise on the best options for your business and event!

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