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What is Banner Printing?

Banner Printing is an outdoor digitally printed material that is mainly used for advertising a product, business or event. It comes in different banner materials, thicknesses, and quality. Essex Banners produces banners on 3 main materials to suit various applications. You can choose from PVC, Mesh or Fabric types. We also provide a range of eco banners including two front-light variants and a mesh option.

Banner printing needs to done using a specialized banner printing machine. You cannot load standard printers with PVC material and hope it will print. This is why it’s important to use a company that has the correct machines and the best machines to do the job properly.


But, How much does it cost?


This obviously varies depending on size and shape, most companies base the price on sq ft of the material and some materials cost more than others. Generally the thicker the material and bigger the banner, the more you will be paying. That’s use some examples based on Essex Banners prices, see below:

  • 6ft x 2ft PVC Banner is £30
  • 6ft x 2ft MESH Banner is £40
  • 10ft x 4ft PVC Banner is £60
  • 10ft x 4ft MESH Banners is £80

The above example shows that, even though both banners are printed on 550gsm material, Mesh is always more expensive. Mesh material is generally used for the bigger, larger banners, as this lets the air through it. Thus not creating a parachute effect on the banner in high winds.

How long does it take to print a banner?


This can vary with different companies, and some companies get there printing done in China. These companies generally state up to 14 days. which may suit some people. Essex Banners standard turnaround time is 2/4 days, as we print all of our banner types in house. Fabric banners generally take longer, due to the drying process. i.e flags – these can take up to 5 days.

We do specialize in rush work and can make tighter deadlines. If you need a banner made quickly, stop reading this page and call us immediately. since we always seem to do last-minute work for events and festivals, so we sometimes can turn them around on the SAME DAY!

So my Banner is now printed, How do I hang my printed banner?


To make the best use of your printed banner it is important it is hung correctly to maximize its impact and also extend its life outdoors. Badly hung banners can rip or become loose, especially in periods of windy weather.

First, determine what you have available on which to hang your banner. Will it be railings, a fence, posts or a banner frame? Most importantly ensure you have permission to use the structure for banner advertising and that you are not breaking any by-laws. If it’s on private land, be sure to speak to the owner of the land, or property.

The most cost-effective way of attaching a printed banner to a fence or railings is to attach it with cable ties. This makes a strong fixing, however cable ties don’t have much flex to them, so in periods of high winds the cable ties may rip out of the banner. If the fence is in a high wind area it would be better to use bungee cords, and we would advise using MESH material, to let the wind “through” the banner.


  • Cable Tie Method – One cable tie per eyelet – we recommend 370mm black cable ties.
  • Bungee Cord Method – Banner bungee cord fixings or 6mm bungee rope. Essex Banners do sell both.
  • Washer and screw – this method is used mainly when fixing a banner to a wall or solid surface.

Best Method


Simply attach the banner to the fence or rails using the cable ties or bungee cords through EVERY eyelet. Ensure you fix every available eyelet to the fence to spread the force across the whole banner. Attach the banner in a way that ensures the banner is held tight across the fence. This is important! The amount of people that only use the corner eyelets is staggering! Use ALL the eyelets, that’s why we put them there.


If you need that banner printed. Contact us today 01708 200166 , WhatsApp us 07539 837599 or email us today to discuss your next banner. You can visit our website for different types of banners, PVC Banners or MESH Banners.

Have a great day 🙂

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