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How good are magnetic car signs?

Magnetic Car signs are a brilliant way to advertise your business or event & unlike car stickers or wraps can be quickly removed then reapplied when needed. They have a very strong magnetic pull & are printed in full colour using genuine solvent inks then fully laminated, making them fully waterproof and will not fade in the sun.

Top 3 Reasons Why Magnetic Car Signs are Better than Stickers

This is what sets magnetic car signs apart from vinyl stickers:

  • They are easy and quick to apply and remove
  • They can be reused on several cars, making them perfect for any car hire.
  • They attach easily to any metal surface and do not damage the paint in any way.

Do they Damage your car?

Do magnets damage your car? No.

They will not do any damage to the car’s paint in any way. Car magnets will if anything shield the paint beneath them from UV sun rays, chips, and fading. It is however recommended to occasionally remove car magnets from the vehicle to clean and allow some sun exposure. Let the paint breath.

Our conclusion is. Yes. Magnetic car signs are a great addition to any business or event. They are Cheap, quickly printed and easy to apply. We do all sizes including custom and within days you can have these on your car. They will not break the bank, which means every month or so you can even update them.

Speak to us today via email or call 01708 200166 to discuss options and turnaround times, alternatively, you can click our product below to take you to our magnetic signs page, with common sizes and instant ordering.

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