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What is a step and repeat backdrop?

What is a Step and Repeat Backdrop?

A step and repeat backdrop is sometimes called a step and repeat wall or banner, it’s a backdrop used mainly for events, photography and is printed with a repeating pattern such as brand logos or images that are visible in photographs of the individuals or groups standing in front of it.

Step and Repeat Banner

Why is it called a step and repeat banner

The term used comes from two main aspects. The first “step” i.e step onto the red carpet or step up for a picture and leave, then the next person follows and “repeats” the process and this goes on and on, hence step up and repeat. The second originates from graphic designers that would create an image that repeats over and over again across the banner.

But you don’t need the red carpet for a step and repeat to work. They’re just as useful at trade shows, events, demo days, openings and every other kind of event that you want your company to be noticed.

Why should your company have a step and repeat banner?

It’s perfect advertising for your company as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pictures, stay online for years and if the person in the photograph loves there photo and make it there profile picture, even better! Even just as general photos that are uploaded to profiles – they tend to get a lot of engagement. Social media users like to see and be seen, and a red carpet snapshot says, “Look at me and my life!” While making their friends jealous, they are promoting your business. Win win 🙂

So, How much are they?

step and repeat banner

Let’s assume that you want the standard size step and repeat banner: 7′ x 7′. As seen above. You can expect to pay £150 though us here at Essex Banners. The price will be dictated by the size of the step and repeat you choose.

We print all our step and repeat banners on vinyl material. This makes them durable, high quality and usable outside if the English weather hits.

If you need help with your design or want to discuss your design ideas and need some help with sizes etc, drop us an email.

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