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Top Questions about Flyers

When you are looking for ways to promote and grow your new or old business when it comes to flyers the number of options can be overwhelming. We get it, we’ve been there and done that… From digital to offline, there is a huge number of marketing tools available. While this can be great because you are not limited by choices; on the other hand, it causes pressure to decide which one best suits your business and aim and what will bring in the results you want.

Are you considering flyers, but still have some questions about them?

Well, then you are in the right place. Our mission at Essex Banners is to help businesses grow by offering a wide range of printed flyers. We decided to create a quick question and answer blog with all the key info about flyers.

What flyers are mainly used for?

Flyers are a form of advertisement. They usually have a short lifespan. Due to being printed on paper and they are usually single page, smaller than A4, they are great to announce one key message, such as an event, a promotion or new launch.

Are flyers still effective?

Yes, but it depends on your aim. A number of key factors must be considered, including message, design and distribution. Its not easy to get these three right, and planning plays a major role here, but if you are clear on your objectives, what you want to talk about and who to sell to, flyers will defo help you achieve your goals.

How many flyers should I print?

Tough question really! The best way to answer this is to think of how the flyers will get into your customer’s hands. If they will be left on a shop counter, a smaller quantity would be ok, as customers will slowly pick them up. If you are distributing door-to-door or street to street you need larger quantities 5000+ ideally, to make an impact. We can print from as few as 100 up to 20k flyers – every single one with the same premium quality, standard for Essex Banners.

How to design flyers?

You can use programs like Photoshop or InDesign. But a quick google search will throw up some free online tools. these might not be the best for a professional looking flyer, but can be ideal for a quick simple design. If you need help regarding design, we do offer a design service.

How much flyer design cost?

If you don’t have a flyer design, nor time or experience – we can design your flyers for you! With one fixed cost of £20 – £60 for a single or double-sided flyer. Price depends on the amount of time it will take us. We can also keep your design on file making re-ordering, simple and fast.

Where to print flyers?

Well this is where we come in! Essex banners offers flyer printing online, with plenty of flyer sizes in four paper types with single or double-sided printing. Plus, hassle-free order process, amazing customer service and free next day delivery are just some of the reasons.

What flyer sizes are better? Again, it depends on the message you want to promote and the distribution channel you choose. Essex Banners can print from small, yet mighty, 105mm square flyers to DL and A4 flyers. Usually, the most commons sizes are A5 and A6 flyers. Remember, a flyer should shout about one key thing – don’t try to squeeze too much info into it, it may become confusing and lose its impact.

Flyers or posters?

Good question! Both are great and should have their own space in your marketing strategy. However, they have essential differences. Flyers are smaller and can be printed double-sided, they are ideal to be handled, and even taken home. Posters are larger, usually A4 or bigger, and printed single sided. They are ideal for display – in other words, to be looked at, instead of to be held.

Which one is better? Impossible to answer. They are unique, and in our view, they should be used together to boost the effectiveness of your campaign.

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