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What are Standard Poster Sizes?

There is no official standard in poster sizes. While many printers sticking to the standard sizing around the world, the size of posters is down to what you want to use it for. This lack of standardization can sometimes lead to questions from people looking to design and print posters with the correct dimensions. Many people want to know, is there a standard poster size? How big should a poster be? What should I choose? etc

You have many options for poster sizes from A4 to A0. We recommend picking one of the standard sizes of posters that are commonly used in industries worldwide. Picking a commonly used paper size will help cut out a lot of the guesswork involved in planning for your poster dimensions and give you the most options for choosing the paperweight or material you like best. Plus many snap frames are designed for the standard sizes posters.

So what’s the most common Poster Size?

Here at Essex Banners, we have around 4 that are most commonly used for many printing projects. So let’s break them down for you!

A3 Posters 29.7 x 42.0cm

A3 29.7 x 42.0cm inches is generally the smallest poster size. Any smaller and it starts to look like a leaflet or flyer.

A3 posters are just the right size for indoor announcements and event advertisements. They are very common as they don’t require too much wall space. A3 posters are perfect for indoor display in areas where people often meet up, like in lounges, waiting rooms, bathrooms, or near the coffee machine. A3 posters are best placed at eye-level on a wall where people will generally be within a five-foot distance of.

A poster with the dimensions 29.7 x 42.0cm looks best when printed with designs that use bold typography, simple illustrations, a limited colour palette, and lots of negative space.

Medium/Large Poster A2 42cm x 59.4cm

A2 posters make good for a medium to the large-sized poster that can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. A2 is an appropriate and normal poster size for just about any project because it can be appreciated both close up and from a distance. This is also a regular poster size for framing, so you have many display options for A2.

A2 posters look best when displayed on a wall where people will generally be between one and five meters away. For decorative purposes, this average poster size looks great hung behind a reception desk, lining hallways, or in your home. As an advertisement, A2 posters are great for public bulletin boards, in-store promotions, college and university campuses, and construction walkways.

These posters are smaller and wider than the standard movie poster size you will find in big box theaters, but it is still a good size for small-scale movie poster printing. Because these poster dimensions are excellent for combining photography and immersive graphics with a few lines of bold text, A2 movie posters may work well for advertisements for special screenings or other independently organized film events. Just keep in mind that the aspect ratio for medium posters is 3:4, where official movie posters are designed with an aspect ratio closer to 2:3.

Large Poster Size A0 84.1cm x 118.9cm

Our large A0 posters are the classic choice for posters that need to stand out in a crowd. For busy shopping areas, pathway advertisements, trade shows, festivals, and other locations with high foot traffic, this is a standard poster size that can be seen from a distance. Depending on the design, they are large enough to be legible from up to 20ft away. A0 posters look best when the centre point of the poster is at eye-level.

This large poster size works with just about any graphic: photos, illustrations, bold text, minimal designs, intricate designs. A design scheme that works well for the large poster size is to attract attention from afar with the main message printed in very large and bold text, but to also include much smaller informative text which draws people closer.

Are there other poster sizes? Or do I have to pick from common poster sizes?

While the poster sizes that are listed above provide a good guideline for anyone designing a poster because they use paper sizes that are standard worldwide, you do not have to design a poster that fits these measurements. Here at Essex Banners would can print you any size poster you desire. So if you need a certain area filled by a poster, let us know your measurements, and we can print it! 

We use large rolls of paper rather than single sheets. Which means that your poster can be designed for and cut to any size you like.

As we already mentioned, there is no universal standard for the dimensions of posters. While picking one of the average poster sizes listed above may ensure you have the most options for printing, framing, displaying, or mailing your poster, no one is going to be pulling out a tape measure on the street to ensure that your poster is “standard.”

If you need any help with deciding what option to go with, drop us an email or give our team a call on 01708200166.

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