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Printed Products To Get Your Party Or Event Off With A Bang

Whether you are organising a major personal event or party, like a wedding or anniversary, or are responsible for your company’s presence at a business fayre or exhibition, you will want to make it as memorable as possible. Printed, customised materials can go a long way to helping you achieve that impact you are after. Here are some examples of printed items you could consider:

Personalised Wrapping Paper

One of the newer innovations and more interesting items of bespoke party items is wrapping paper printing. You can create your own unique, personalised wrapping paper by simply uploading the photograph, or personal image, that you want to appear on the paper. There are numerous wallpaper designs to choose from and by uploading your desired image from your device at home, you can create your own personalised artwork. Whether the event merits a sentimental, meaningful photograph, or a more celebratory and humorous image, personalised wrapping paper will make your gift stand out from the crowd.   

Custom Wedding Bunting

If you are planning a wedding there is a great way to add that special bespoke touch to the event by personalising your wedding day decorations! Again, by simply uploading the relevant photographs you’ve chosen, you can have fantastic, high-quality wedding bunting printed to decorate your wedding venue. This bespoke bunting can be printed matching the overall colours and design theme of the other elements of the wedding day, making it a truly unique and personal event!

Party Hats And Face Masks

Personalised party hats and printed cardboard face masks can add an element of fun to an event. Party hats adorned with your chosen image or images and colours will always raise a smile. Imagine walking into a party or event and everybody is wearing your face! Printed personalised face masks will certainly make the party more memorable and provide some interesting photographs from the event!

Branded Balloons

Branded balloons are great additions to any event, be it a personal celebration like a birthday, anniversary or wedding, or a corporate, promotional function. Personalised balloons are affordable and effective marketing items that will display your company logo and colours and will attract attention to your stall at a business event or exhibition and are a prominent and constant reinforcement of your company brand wherever placed.

Branded Stickers

 Sticker printing is a well-established and proven vehicle for customised marketing material. Cost-effective and simple to design and produce, custom printed stickers are versatile and can be used at any event to display your company brand images on a whole host of items.

Banners And Signs

Custom banners are easy to design and can be deployed in many different locations and environments. Ideal for any corporate or business event, or for personal celebrations, customised printed banners can be a prominent feature wherever placed. Customised banners and signs can be printed in many sizes and feature personal images such as photographs, artwork designs, or simply bold messages – whatever the requirement for that specific event!

Life Size Cut Outs

If you want to make the boldest and most outrageous impact at your event, having life size cardboard cut outs of yourself or friends will certainly do the trick! High resolution photographs printed on high-quality card will grab people’s attention and make them smile – or even surprise them – either way, these outlandish prints will provide a talking point for all who attend the event!    

Simply speak to your chosen print services company for further detailed advice on these – and other – promotional items that can enhance your event and make it more enjoyable and memorable.

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