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The Right Material For Your Business Banners

Many businesses include banner advertising as part of their ongoing marketing and advertising campaigns and strategy. It is important to have an eye-catching design and message for your banner to attract the initial attention of any potential customers, but it is equally as important that your banner is ‘fit for purpose’ in the environment and weather conditions that you are placing them. Choosing the best banner material on which to have your message printed will ensure the best returns for your business. Here are some considerations when organising your business banner printing: 

On A Budget

If you are planning just a single use for your banners, perhaps a specific event such as an anniversary or birthday celebration, or a one-off business convention, then choosing a budget PVC banner material is probably the best choice. They are inexpensive to produce, but sturdy enough to withstand the weather elements, so can be used more than once if required – they are wind-permeable and fire retardant.

Standard Banners Are a Sturdy Option

A standard banner offers you something a little sturdier and more robust, but still affordable and reasonably inexpensive. The banners are constructed from a thicker PVC which is the standard for most banner printing. It is still lightweight, and therefore portable, but thick enough for repeated use both indoors and outdoors. Again, the PVC material is both fire retardant and wind-permeable, so is the perfect multipurpose banner.

Wind-Proof Banners

In previous times, banners were made wind-proof by cutting small slits in the material to allow the wind to pass through. This, however, was by no means a fool-proof technique and it was not unusual for you to lose your banner to the elements on a particularly blustery day! Modern manufacturing techniques and enhanced materials have allayed those fears. PVC mesh banners have small holes throughout the face of the banner thus allowing free passage of wind without having any detrimental effect on the banner’s durability, stability, or appearance. If your business requires permanent outdoor branding or advertising, then PVC mesh banners are the obvious choice. They offer the same fire-retardant qualities as the other materials as well as the enhanced wind-permeability making them ideal business banners.

Double-Sided Banner

If your business banners are positioned to attract attention from both directions of their placement, then you should consider taking advantage of that and use a double-sided banner to garner the maximum amount of interest from potential customers or clients. These are heavy-duty business banners constructed from thicker material with a ‘blackout’ quality allowing them to be printed on both sides. They carry the same wind-permeable and fire-retardant features of the other banner materials but can generate twice the outdoor branding presence and exposure for your business.

It is always worth keeping in mind the main function of your business banners and then choosing the most relevant material for their chosen locations and length of time they will be displayed. Printers in Essex will be able to advise you on the range of materials available for banner printing and of their merits and best use.

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