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Why Size And Location Matters For Printed Banners And Signs

With regards to business banner printing there are many options. Banner printing can be produced in all sizes to suit a plethora of relevant locations in which your business may want an advertising presence. You should always opt for a banner size that best suits your marketing location – your banner size should directly relate to the space it occupies and the distance from which you want it to be viewed. Vinyl banners are extremely versatile – they are made of hardy material, making them ideal advertising tools either indoors or in outside locations. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when ordering your banner printing:

Planning and Preparation

A little common-sense planning is necessary before ordering your business banners. Always measure the space you are allocating for your vinyl banners or Correx signs (a durable, weatherproof material ideal for outdoor locations) before buying. Ensure that the signage will sit comfortably within the parameters of your measured location, but do not waste any of your valuable advertising space. Your banner may be the first impression a customer/client may get of your business, so ensure it looks professional and smart.

Eye-Catching heights and sizes

Not all your advertising locations may be directly on a main route. If your chosen location is off the beaten track, then you will need a larger banner to attract attention. Generally, people’s eyes will pick out the largest ‘attraction’ around or in their path. Advertising hoardings can dominate an area, but they are often set up extremely high so do not always automatically draw the eye. Business banners can be large and commanding but placed at a more eye-level,  lower height, can draw the attention of any passing traffic or pedestrian. The further away your banner is to be viewed from then the larger the signage will need to be in order to be effective in attracting the desired attention.

Consider your Proportions

In order for your business banners to look professional they should always be in proportion to the space in which they sit. For example, having a large banner in a small space will, not only be ineffective in relaying your message, but also possibly have a detrimental effect of making your business look amateur and cheap. An ill-fitting banner will be difficult to read and look unsightly. Business banners should fit neatly and proportionately to the space they occupy. So should be taught and firmly in place to clearly display the intended message. 

Smaller Retail Spaces

Not all banner printing has to be large. Business banners and Correx signs are great advertising vehicles for smaller locations such as retail outlets, shopping precincts and malls, and trade show events. Designer banner stands can display your message at pedestrian eye-level and attract the attention of passing footfall in any busy location.

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