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How to measure the ROI on banner advertising

When it comes to measuring any banner marketing campaign, you want to make sure you are getting a decent Return on your Investment (ROI). Creating a great banner design isn’t enough!

You want to make sure the design not only has the right message for your brand to create impact and reach the right people; you also want to make sure it generates enough custom and revenue for your business. Measuring your printed banner advertising is no different, and there are a number of ways to measure the ROI on printed banner advertising.

From the techniques required to track their effectiveness, to strategies for integrating banners into a wider marketing plan, as well as utilising data to improve future banner designs, we will take a look at what you can do to help measure ROI on your banner advertising.

Techniques to track the effectiveness of banners

Website landing page

Create a dedicated landing page with a unique URL featured on the banner. You can then track visits and interactions on the page which have been generated by the printed banner to measure its success.

Designated phone numbers

Assign a specific phone number to your printed banner ad. You can then track and measure the calls to this number to provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the banner through the number of phone calls it generated. It’s fairly straight forward to activate a virtual phone numbers for any location around the UK, with calls forwarded your mobile or normal business number.

Social media engagement

You can track social media engagement by monitoring likes, shares and comments related to your banner ad. You can even encourage users to use specific hashtags related to the printed banner campaign to help monitor engagement. There is a range of social media platforms to help gauge your target audience’s engagement with the campaign. And their comments on the banner ads can also help to encourage feedback for future designs.

Coupon codes and promotions

Why not consider using exclusive coupon codes on your printed banner ads. You can then track the usage of these promotions at the checkout to see how many sales are directly linked to the banner ads.

Event bookings

If your banner ad is promoting an event, you could look to create a booking link for the event. You could also have a section on your online booking form which asks customers to specify where they learned about the event to monitor and track how many sales were made from the banner ads.

How to integrate banner printing in a wider marketing strategy

Maintain consistent branding

It’s important to ensure your banner designs align with your overall brand aesthetics and messaging. The banner ads can then integrate seamlessly into other marketing channels, creating a cohesive and recognisable brand identity.

Targeting audience alignment

Make sure you identify and align your banner ads with your target audience. Consider your demographic to ensure your banner ads reach the right audience and resonate with their preferences.

Multichannel campaigns

Integrate your banner advertising into a multichannel marketing campaign. Align your printed banner designs with email marketing, social media, events and product launches to create a more synchronised approach. This consistent messaging across all channels reinforces your brand’s identity and increases the likelihood of user engagement.

How to use data to improve future banner designs

A/B testing

One way to improve future designs is to conduct A/B testing using different design variations to identify the most effective elements. Consider changing colours, imagery and calls-to-action, as well as playing with the layout and composition. Analyse what worked and what didn’t to help refine future designs based on the elements that resonated best with the audience and contributed to a higher engagement.

Analyse your target audience

Consider your audience demographic; analyse information regarding age, gender, location and interests to help understand user engagement. This will help to tailor future banner designs to gain better ROI. 

Customer feedback

Gather direct feedback from your target audience through customer surveys or feedback forms to help understand what users liked and thought about your banner ads. Understand their perceptions of your banner designs and use this data to refine future design elements.

Trend analysis

Look at the current design trends within your industry to analyse the performance of your banner designs. Monitor your competitors to see what they are doing and their own performance. Identify the successful elements of their designs and look to incorporate them into your future designs with a unique twist personal to you and your brand.

Effectively measuring the ROI of printed banner advertising goes beyond the initial design. It involves a holistic approach that integrates printed banners into the wider marketing strategy, that involves constant monitoring, strategic integration and data-driven improvements. By implementing these techniques, businesses can not only gauge the success of their current campaigns but also enhance the effectiveness of future banner advertising.  

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