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How to maintain and care for printed banners

Printed banners are powerful tools for conveying key messages to help promote brands and businesses. But their impact is only as effective as their maker; and without proper maintenance and care, their effectiveness can be greatly compromised.

This guide looks at recommendations for cleaning, storage, and longevity tips to ensure the lifespan of your printed banners is prolonged for as long as it is required. We will explore material-specific advice, techniques for handling and installing banners, protection from weather-related issues, as well as the strategic rotation of multiple banners to maximise their longevity.

Recommendations for cleaning banners

Regular cleaning will prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, and pollutants on the banner surface. Depending on where the banner is kept, you may want to consider regular cleaning to maintain bold colours and clean lines.

Cleaning fabric banners

Fabric banners require a more delicate approach than PVC banners.  Use a mild detergent or fabric cleaner mixed with water for gentle washing. Avoid abrasive brushes or harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric or compromise print quality.

Cleaning pvc banners

PVC banners can withstand more robust cleaning but should still be treated with care. Use a soft cloth or sponge with a mild detergent to remove dirt and stains. And avoid using abrasive tools that may scratch the surface or compromise the banner’s integrity.

Spot cleaning

If you experience spillages or stains on your banner these should be dealt with promptly. Ensure you use appropriate cleaning products and techniques to reduce the risk of permanent damage.

Recommendations for storing banners

Folding techniques

When storing banners, use proper folding techniques to avoid creases that could impact the appearance when unfurled.  Consider rolling fabric banners instead to prevent wrinkles and ensure a smooth display.

Consider temperature

Warm or very cold storage areas can cause your banner to deteriorate over time. Ideally your banners should be stored a cool and dry location. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.

Hanging or roll storage

If you know your banner is going to be stored for a long period, consider hanging your banner or rolling rather than folding. Doing so will reduce stress to the material and reduce to risk of creases forming.

Add protective wrapping

Before storage we advise covering your banners to shield them from dust. However, ensure the anything you wrap your banners in is breathable as otherwise it could result in mould forming.

Tips for extending the life of banners

Correct handling and installation

Handle banners with clean hands to prevent the transfer of dirt. During installation, consider using gloves to avoid direct contact with the banner surface. Securely fasten banners to minimise stress on grommets and edges.

Consider weather related issues

Invest in weather-resistant materials for outdoor banners. PVC or vinyl banners with UV-resistant coatings are more durable and can withstand exposure to sunlight and rain. You can also consider applying additional weatherproofing treatments for added protection against the elements.

Rotate banner designs

Consider using a rotation strategy for multiple banners in your inventory. Alternating banners in campaigns or periodically switching them ensures even wear and extends the life of each. This approach not only preserves individual banners but also allows for fresh and varied messaging.

Regularly inspect the material

Keep a close eye out for wear, tear, or damage. Promptly address any issues, including loose grommets, tears, or fading, to prevent further deterioration.

Avoid using abrasive tools or attachments

Whether cleaning or handling, refrain from using abrasive attachments or tools that may scratch or damage the banner material. Soft cloths, sponges, and gentle cleaning solutions are key to maintaining the integrity of the print and substrate.

Proper maintenance and car is essential

Proper maintenance and care is essential for maximising the lifespan and effectiveness of printed banners. From regular cleaning routines to thoughtful storage practices and material-specific tips, every aspect can help contribute to the longevity of your printing banner. 

By incorporating these recommendations into your banner management strategy, you will not only protect your investment and maximise ROI but also ensure that your banners continue to convey impactful messages and maintain a professional appearance throughout their lifespan. Learn more in our banner printing guide.

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