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What makes a good exhibition stand?

A trade show stand should be look at as far more than a physical structure, they’re a pivotal marketing tool that should encapsulate your branding and marketing messages. An exhibition stand is a display area at a trade show or event where a company can showcase their products or services to potential customers. A good exhibition stand is one that effectively communicates the company’s message and grabs the attention of attendees.

At any exhibition or trade show your stand is the front line for attracting potential clients and establishing new business relationships. 

Understanding your objectives and audience

The success of your exhibition stand starts long before the doors open. Before creating your stand you need to have a clear understanding of both your target audience and the objectives of the stand. Aligning your stand with both these factors can significantly enhance how effective your stand is.

Define your objectives

It’s crucial you know what you want to achieve from your exhibition stand. Are you launching a new product? Wanting to grow your customer base? Or simply wanting to grow brand awareness? Each objective may need different approaches. 

For example, if you’re launching a new product or service your stand will likely need to feature a demo area and engaging banners featuring product benefits to draw attention.

Know your audience

Understanding who will attending the event, or the type of person you want visiting your stand is equally vital. Industry trade shows can attract diverse crowd, with each type of person having individual expectations.

Knowing who the visitors are will guide you to the type of content and technology you incorporate into your stand. 

Alignment of design and objectives

With a clear understanding of your objectives and audience, the design phase can commence with a focus on aligning these elements. This means choosing the right materials and designs from Essex Banners’ comprehensive range of event displays that not only attract attention but also convey your brand’s message effectively.

For instance, choosing eco-friendly materials for banners and displays can appeal to an environmentally conscious audience, while bold and bright designs can attract a younger, more savvy crowd.

The Design of your exhibition stand

The design of an exhibition stand should be visually appealing, consistent with the company’s branding, and easy to navigate. Some key elements to consider when designing the stand include:

Colour scheme: The colour scheme should be consistent with your company’s branding and be eye-catching to attract attention. Bold colours and contrasts will be more readable from a distance. 

Logo and taglines: Logos and taglines should be placed prominently across your stands. High quality event printing will ensure this key elements are sharp and clear. 

Branding: Stick to your brand colours and typography throughout to ensure a consistent appearance. Consistency helps to reinforce your brand identity and makes your stand more memorable.

Flow of traffic: Design your stand space to guide visitors naturally around. Consider the placement of information points, demonstration areas and seating to facilitate the smooth movement of people. 

The idea is to stand out from the rest!

Exhibition stand design

The people on your stand

Selecting the right team to manage your exhibition stand is crucial for creating a positive impression and effectively conveying your company values.

Essential qualities of exhibition stand staff:

Knowledgeable and informed – Staff members should have a thorough understanding of your products or services. They need to confidently answer questions and provide detailed information, which will help to establish credibility and trust.

Friendly and welcoming – First impressions matter, and having a team that is approachable and warm can make the difference. Staff should be able to make visitors feel at ease, encouraging them to engage and spend time on your stand.

Professionalism – The appearance and mood of your staff will reflect directly on your company. It is important that they dress appropriately and maintain a professional attitude.

Sales skills – Usually the primary objective of attending an exhibition is to generate leads or sales, so including team members with strong sales skills is essential. They should be able to guide potential customers through the sales process.

Overall competence – Your stand team  should be prepared to handle various interactions, from simple queries to in-depth discussions about your products or services, ensuring that every visitor leaves with a positive view of your brand.

Having the right staff on hand at an exhibition stand is essential to ensure that visitors have a positive experience and that the company’s message is effectively communicated. Some key elements to consider when staffing an exhibition stand include:

Exhibition stand design

A good exhibition stand should be designed to attract and engage visitors, effectively communicate the company’s message and leave a lasting impression. By considering these key elements and using the latest technology, companies can ensure that their exhibition stand is a success.

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