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Banner Design Tips – Create a visually stunning banner

Creating a visually stunning banner with the right amount of impact and information involves careful consideration. There are a number of design elements to contemplate. You have to give thought to different font types, your choice and use of colour, finding the right balance of text and imagery. You also need to reflect on how you are going to incorporate your company branding. And special consideration needs to be given to current banner design trends and how you might incorporate these into your own design.

We’ve pulled together some essential tips on how to elevate your banner game below:

Know your purpose – why are you producing a banner?

The first thing you need to know is why you are producing a banner in the first place.

  • Is it promotional, or informational?
  • It is short-term or long-term?
  • Is it to be used inside or outside?
  • Who is your target audience? 

These questions will help you to decide a number of factors; such as size, material and content. Once you have these elements, you can begin to design your banner more effectively.

Consider the banner material – it can greatly impact the design

The material you choose for your banner can greatly impact your chosen design. Images appear sharper in contrast on a PVC banner, whilst Mesh banners may lose detailing. Once you know where you are using your banner, you can better decide on the material, and then on the overall design.

Choosing your fonts – they should align with your branding

You want to choose fonts that align with your message and your branding. If you already have a certain style, you want to make sure you incorporate that within your banner design. Otherwise, it might seem disjointed against the rest of your marketing collateral.

Consistency is extremely important when it comes to marketing, and your banner design is no different. It’s also important to choose fonts that are clean and clear to read. Cursive font for example, might look great, but if people can’t read what it says, you may struggle to get your message out there effectively.

So, whether your style is sleek and modern or classic and bold, it needs to be legible!

Colour options – use colours that effectively convey your message

The colours you choose need to maintain a harmonious palette to compliment your brand. Everything needs to work alongside one another, so make sure you opt for colours that blend well.

High contrast colours can enhance visibility and create stand-out, whilst cohesive colour schemes can convey an air of professionalism. So, if you’re aim to grab attention, you may want to go for bold, and if you aim is to maintain your professional look, consider colours cohesive to your brand.

You also might want to consider no colour at all! Black and white imagery can generate a strong impact, evoking nostalgia and a classic vintage look, whilst enhancing the imagery.

Balance the content – use text and images

As with any marketing the use of text and imagery needs to be perfectly balanced to achieve its desired effect. You banner needs to attract attention from near and far, so make sure your graphics speak volumes without having reams and reams of text.

Concise and compelling text paired with striking visuals is best practise. Don’t be afraid of whitespace, it guides the viewers focus to what really needs to be seen. Always try a few variations of layout to see what might work best for you and your message.  

Incorporate your branding – make it front and centre

As with any marketing tool, you need to ensure your brand is front and centre. There are many ways to do this so that your messaging is succinct with your brand and your business. Use brand colourways to keep the overall aesthetics in line with your company, ensure your logo is clearly visible, and work with any brand typefaces to further reinforce your brand identity.

A cohesive look across all your marketing collateral will help further brand recognition and awareness.

Consider current banner trends – keep it fresh and engaging

With any design elements, it’s important to consider the latest trends. Stay abreast of contemporary design trends to ensure your banners remain fresh and engaging. Minimalistic designs are always popular, with clean layouts and only essential elements. Dynamic typography always adds a bit of flair to banner ads, while asymmetry can challenge traditional design norms. Storytelling visuals are aways popular too as they embrace a sense of authenticity to any brand.

Banner design with Essex Banners

Effective banner design is all about finding the right balance. Choose fonts and colours that align with your message, ensuring readability and visual appeal. Strike a harmonious balance between text and images, and avoid clutter by embracing strategic whitespace. Incorporate your company’s branding elements seamlessly for a cohesive and recognisable look. Stay updated on current design trends, embracing simplicity, dynamic typography and authentic visuals.

By giving careful consideration to all of the above, you can create a banner design that will captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression, making your message stand out in the crowded visual landscape. Check our guide to banner printing for more detail.

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