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How long does a PVC Banners last outdoors?

How long does a PVC Banners last outdoors? (It’s Longer than you think)

PVC Banners are Outdoor Signs that can be used for advertising purposes in places where there is high visibility.

The “outdoor” ability of PVC banners makes them suitable to be displayed in areas with direct sunlight and wet conditions.

Another factor when it comes to PVC banner durability is the print ink used which is usually Poly Urethane (PU) meaning they are very durable and flexible which allows PVC material to go through the printing process without damaging its texture or quality.

With PVC banners, you get a vivid, sharp display even on long distances making PVC banners great for corporate events or outdoor festivities. PVC Banners last up to 5 years depending on how it is used and the type.


outdoor pvc banners


A PVC Banner can handle all weather conditions

As with other signage products, PVC banners stand out when used for outdoor exhibitions and advertisements.

The banner material is light-weight making it portable enough to be displayed outdoors while still being strong enough to resist weather conditions like snow or rain.

If you are going large with your PVC Banner, we recommend you use a MESH material. this lets the wind pass through it easy giving it a light-weight feel.


Can a PVC Banner be damaged by the sun?

When any outdoor signage is exposed to the sun it can get damaged.

PVC Banners are not different, photo-chemical reactions between light, oxygen and the material cause the ink to fade away over time.

However, you can prolong its life by keeping it in a shade when not used.

Another way of protecting your PVC Banner from UV rays is by building or renting an Outdoor Advertising Cover that protects against rain and sunlight while still allowing the banner’s material breathability.


outdoor pvc banner


How long does a PVC Banner last indoors?

PVC Banners are not only used outdoors, you can also use them for Indoor Advertising purposes.

If you want to make it more sustainable, choose banners made using mesh material which lets the wind pass through it while still giving off good light-weight feel. This allows ventilation and prevents moisture to build up under the banner. For indoor applications, we recommend a Roller Banner rather than a standard banner, as these come with stands, to hold a banner in position.

All Factors Considered PVC Banners should last longer than 5 years if they are stored properly in environments where there’s no direct sunlight or moisture. However, It is important to check on your Outdoor Signs regularly to see how they are holding.

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