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Whats the difference between PVC and Mesh Banners?

Whats the difference between PVC and Mesh Banners?

According to Wikipedia-  Vinyl banners as listed in the International Sign Association guide banners are a low cost form of outdoor advertising. Most banners are now digitally printed on large format inkjet printers which are capable of printing a full color outdoor billboard on a single piece of material. Custom vinyl banners are a cost effective sign for any business.

The weights of banners varies from 9oz(more suitable for indoors and short term uses) to 22 oz( for long term outdoor use). They come with hem and grommets. But other accessories like rope, pole pockets can be added. The banners can be single sided or double sided.


mesh banners


What is a mesh banner?

Mesh banners are banners with holes in them. Typically they are in the ratio of 70/30 or 60/40. Mesh banners are digitally printed and can be done in any size.

Now the question – Which is better?

Well, it depends on the use. Mesh banners are more appropriate for large size banners that will go on a building or a fence. Since the banners will be viewed from a distance the holes in the material are not visible.

Also,  the holes allow the wind to pass through and therefore longer life for the banner. But mesh banners can only be single sided as compared to the vinyl banner. So if you will be hanging the banner on a street which will be viewed from both sides then 22oz vinyl banner is the answer.

Mesh banners are more expensive than the vinyl banners. If the banner will be displayed for short term, then vinyl banner is the right choice. Vinyl banners are also great for indoor uses.

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