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Tried And Tested Outdoor Branding Methods And Why They Work

Of the many forms of marketing and advertising used, one of the long-standing, and still highly effective, advertising vehicles is business banner printing. Using promotional printing in outdoor locations as part of your marketing strategy keeps your name, brand, and image constantly visible and therefore in the consciousness of the general public. These constant physical advertising banners will continue to reinforce your brand and message on a daily basis – and, unlike the “pop-up” advertising you get plagued with on digital media, you cannot just shut them down! The regular exposure builds familiarity – and with familiarity comes consumer trust – a vital ingredient in building and maintaining your business! Here are some aspects of business banner printing and outdoor branding for you to consider:

What is outdoor branding?

The most common forms of promotional printing for outdoor branding are banners and posters. Both forms are highly effective when placed in the relevant environments at garnering attention and drawing people to your message. Banners and large posters can be displayed in many outdoor locations by roadsides, retail parks and are effective at corporate events and business fairs as well as arenas used for leisure and entertainment. Smaller printed posters can be effective on pavements, walls and shop or business windows.

Keep your messaging simple

On average people will get to see your outdoor banner or poster for around ten seconds at any one time – that’s not long to get your message and image across! Keeping your banner text and imagery simple is key – use strong images and graphics to tell your story and complement them with brief text or a short tagline to emphasise your message. Colour is a great vehicle for attracting initial attention, so consider bold and striking colours ensuring that they incorporate any colours that are associated with your corporate brand and image and that you use for other signage and marketing materials and media.  

Humour is compelling 

Using humour in advertising is always effective – if your marketing can make people smile or laugh then it will be more memorable to them and effectively reinforce your brand. Clever wordplay or even a ‘corny’ pun will make people think about the wording and remember it! This usually results in them mentioning it to others, so your clever promotional printing also gives rise to word-of-mouth advertising – highly effective!

Figure out the perfect placement

No matter how creative and eye-catching your promotional printing is, it is of no use if it’s placed where nobody can see it! You need to carefully consider the placement of your outdoor banners – ensure they are displayed at locations that your target audience is likely to attend or pass through, places of high traffic so that your outdoor branding banners are seen by the maximum number of people. It is also worth considering selecting less ‘obvious’ locations – locations where people may not usually expect to see advertising – banners on or under a bridge for example, or promotional printing on the pavement, will add that element of surprise and make the advertising more memorable!    

Check out your competition

Before launching any aspect of a marketing campaign or strategy, it is always worth having a look at what your direct competitors are doing for their advertising. A little research will help you ensure that you are offering something different by way of quality and image and therefore staying ahead of the competition!


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