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Dibond Signs Essex Companies Love

Dibond Signs are a popular sign within the printing industry, both for its durable quality and excellent price. It is an aluminum composite, combining two pre-painted aluminum sheets which are put together around a core made of solid polyethylene.

For events or businesses discovering a sign to fit their needs best, choosing the right product can seem confusing. However, Dibond Signs are a popular reason and product.

Can I use a Di Bond Sign inside and outside?

Dibond is a great option to use outdoors for your signs. To create a modern-looking appearance, Dibond is sometimes used inside to create a signature look. However, Dibond is best known for its outdoor signs and resistance to the weather. It will keep its shape and quality without being altered by bad weather.

Dibond is stylish with a smooth finish. The pre-painted enamel means that colors will not fade or crack under good and bad weather. Often printed vinyl is applied making your signs bright and colorful.

Dibond signage can be printed in a variety of different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. Some of the most common used shapes are rectangle, squares, and circles. Dibond Signs can have printed logos, photos or other pictures on it as well. We can apply a vinyl print on them to produce and complete digitally printed sign.

What sets Dibond from other pure aluminum signage is its smooth finish. Since the enamel is already painted on the Dibond, the color does not fade quickly. They can also be turned into the reflective mirror-like surface that can be used for advertising at night.

Dibond signs are here to stay! The metallic sheen look of the Dibond signs makes them an expensive looking alternative to the basic foamex sign. With so many advantages and the glossy look of the Dibond sign material, there is no surprise why they are a popular option for outdoor signage.

Top 3 Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Dibon sign for your Essex company

As with every product, there is advantages and disadvantages of using any material. we break down the best and worse about Dibon signs:


  • Perfect for outdoor use, it can withhold rain and run, perfect for a long-lasting outdoor sign.
  • Durable – It is a hard-wearing product, so it can take bangs, knocks, and chips, and it won’t crack or break.
  • Lightweight – This material is not heavy, making it easy to install.


  • Cost – Even though Dibond signs are not an expensive sign, there generally are more expensive than foamex and correx.
  • Wind – If you were to order a big Dibond sign, this would need to be installed correctly, Dibond is not a bendy material and does not work well in windy areas.
  • Dents – It can be dent easily. Hard to crack and smash but they are prone to dent easily due to the material its made out of.

Overall Dibond signs are a great option for your Essex business, indoors or outdoors. If you want to discuss your options or dilemmas, we can advise you on your best option. but if you are looking for a classy, trendy outdoor sign, we would always aim to steer you towards a Dibon sign. Long-lasting and a popular option for most business owners.

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