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Why your business should have countertop sneeze guards!

COVID-19 spreads from person-to-person very easily. Most often, contagions are passed when individuals are within 6 feet or closer of each other. Coughing and sneezing, which introduces potentially contaminated droplets into the air, is one of the main ways COVID-19 is being spread quickly. (When these droplets are inhaled, they settle into the lungs of a passerby and are likely to result in contamination.) Unlike some illnesses, individuals are believed to be most contagious when they are at their sickest. However, some individuals may be contagious even before their symptoms have fully developed. This may mean you could have a customer with a smallest of coughs, potentially putting your staff at risk – if you don’t have sneeze guards, that is!

Personal Sneeze Guards

A sneeze guard, also known as a shield, or a barrier, typically made of perspex or glass, that prevent respiratory droplets from coming into contact with your staff behind it. When most people picture a sneeze guard, they imagine those most often found at a buffet. COVID-19 has led to the use of sneeze guards for more than food.

Depending on your business, a countertop sneeze guard may provide your employees and customers with the protection they need. This can only be a good thing.

Countertop Sneeze Guards

Countertop sneeze guards can be found at almost every shop checkout today. Protecting both the cashier and customer from exchanging dangerous respiratory droplets, a countertop guard can either be installed or be a portable unit and provides safety to all. A countertop sneeze guard should not impede the exchange of money, bagging of items, or other essential check out processes. Our countertop sneeze guards are lightweight. Easy to put together and do the job they were intended to do, very well.

Why choose Essex Banners sneeze guards?

Each sneeze guard has been made from sturdy, yet lightweight 3.5mm Correx material with a small opening and clear perspex barrier screen for handling transactions safely. This sneeze barrier also shields both parties from potential exposure.

  • Made from lightweight 3.5mm White Correx
  • Sturdy 400mm Clear PVC screen attached
  • Measures 885mm high when assembled (estimated)
  • Easy to assemble

What material are my counter top sneeze guards made of?

Our guards are made from a 3.5mm White Correx frame. The clear screen is made from a strong 400mic gloss clear PVC.

What size are my sneeze guards?

When assembled. your guards will be rough 885mm high when assembled. The size of the outside frame is 776 x 600mm and the screen is 520 x 457mm.

When will I receive my sneeze guards?

Our guards are on our one working day dispatch. This means if you place your order on Monday, we will dispatch it on Tuesday to be with you by Wednesday. Happy days! 🙂

If you need help with your custom design with these, contact us today and we can help. Or you can call us on 01708200166

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