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Top 5 Tips for your Pull up Banners

Top tips for your Pull up Banners


Pull up banners are one of our popular products. Practical, cost-effective, easy to transport and set up and impactful… with so many qualities, how can you not love them?

Before you use these amazing pull up banners as a marketing tool in your business, check out our top tips we put together to ensure you make the most of them.

banner stands

1. Make a statement


Don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement. Use bright and eye-catching colours – after all, it’s all about standing out and getting peoples attention. If you’re using photos, check the quality of your images – the resolution should be at least 300dpi to avoid looking pixelated.

Star tip: Roller banners have a longer life span than most promotional materials; they can be used over and over again – especially when ordered from EssexBanners… our roll up banners material is anti-glare, anti-scratch and anti-tear, giving them great durability. 

2. Consider design placement


The top of the pull up banner is the most viewed area, and the most important. Select what you place in this area carefully. It should be your logo – if you are running a brand awareness promotion; or a one-line message campaign, if you are promoting a product or service. Either way, ensure this is a conscious decision, as it will be the most viewed by by-passers and clients.

Star tip: The bottom part of the pull up banner graphic is rolled into the mechanism (aka roller banner stand), so ensure you don’t place anything relevant in this part of your design. It still of course will be on show, so use this space wisely. 

3. Remember: less (text) is more


Think bout how much text you add in your design – although some pull up banners offer you plenty of space, you must resist the temptation to include lots of text. Remember: you may have seconds to get your message across, so it should be snappy, clear to read and easy to understand.

Use these pull up banners to attract attention and create curiosity; add info that could be a eye opener, especially if you are using them as trade show banners in exhibitions or events.

Star tip: Always always Proof read, proof read again and proof read one more time – ensure there are no spelling or gramma mistakes, they may count negatively towards the perception of your company or event

1500mm roller banner

4. BRAND it


It goes without saying that your logo and contact details should be clearly visible – always include a website, phone number and even social media icons or profiles.

Star tip: Quick response (QR) codes allow customers with smartphones to quickly visit your website, without the need of typing the URL address – they could be a fine addition to your design.

5. Size matters


Consider where you will display your stand up banner and how much space you have available; this will help you select the correct size.

Essex Banners offers 5 different sizes of roller banners:

  • 800x2000mm – Our most popular size and generically the most popular size most people go for.
  • 850x2000mm – this banner is a bit larger, but still lightweight and easy to transport.
  • 1000x2000mm – if you have plenty of space and want maximum visibility, this is the right option for you.
  • 1500x2000mm – Plenty of graphic space at this size, ideally if you need to get a lot of information out there.
  • 2000x2000mm – Ideal to be used for a backdrop at events, remember transportation may be hard at this size

Essex Banner

Essex Banners


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