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Top 3 best software for poster design

Top 3 best software for poster design


Posters are very useful for advertising and promoting events, especially over the last 5 years. They have become a very popular and effective way for individuals to reach out to audiences. You can too, but first, you have to have the ability to design a very eye catching and professional poster. Here are our top 3 best software for poster design that you should consider.

1. Fotor

The main reason we have gone with Fotor as our number one, is the ease of use. Its perfect for beginners. Fotor not only can design posters and banners, but also has many practical functions, such as designing YouTube thumbnails, Facebook cover and so on.

One of the biggest features of fotor is its simplicity. It provides many templates, we can replace the color on the basis of its template, change the picture, change the text  and actually you don’t have to design by yourself. I think this is suitable for beginners to practice, to find inspiration, more suitable for a quick design.


fotor poster software


2. InDesign

InDesign is the work horse and power house for the vast task of producing multi-page projects. Its refined features and myriad of methods to create and automate layouts, quickly, beautifully, and technically flawless, are unique. Just like Illustrator, it uses PostScript and PDF files as output, two technologies that have reached graphical perfection. This is simple to use and cheaper than the other 2. We use this software often to create quick poster designs.


indesign poster software

3. Illustrator

Illustrator is a real Jack of all trades, it does ALL. It focuses on drawing vector-based imagery, but combines it with imported pixel-based elements and creating pristine texts, all in one page or multiple pages (wisely called Art Boards). However, it lacks brute force and sophisticated methods to deal with multi-page oriented projects like brochures, magazines, books, digital publications, that kind of stuff. That’s where our number 2 comes in InDesign comes in ! But if its just posters you want to design. This is right up there with photoshop.

poster design software



For beginners and for someone who just wants to design a quick poster for there event or promotion, we would promote Fotor. Its the cheapest of the 3 we mentioned, easier and quicker.

But of course, we can design your posters for you, so if you are struggling or need some more advise or help drop us a email or call 01708 200166 or visit our website 

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