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How to measure your table cloth

We specialise in printing custom printed tablecloths tailored to your unique specifications. Since table sizes can vary significantly, we often encounter a common question:

“I need a tablecloth for a standard table, but I’m unsure of the size I need.”

The solution is quite straightforward. Given the diversity in table dimensions, the most efficient approach is to take three key measurements. Once you have these measurements in hand, it becomes simple to ascertain the exact size of tablecloth you require. To assist you further, it’s a good practice to sketch a diagram, similar to the one illustrated in (below), while taking these measurements. This visual aid can make the process even more precise and user-friendly.

How to measure for your printed table cloth

In order to accurately determine the correct size for your tablecloth, it’s essential to take specific measurements, as depicted in the image above.

1. Table Length
2. Table Depth
3. Table Height

When measuring the table’s height or the desired drop to the floor, keep in mind that this can vary according to your preferences. Typically, many customers prefer the cloth to touch the floor, so if you’d like your tablecloth to have this elegant drape, kindly measure the total height of the table, ensuring it extends all the way to the floor.

Once you have these measurements, the next step is to combine them:

1. Height + Length + Height = Total Cloth Length (Left to Right)
2. Height + Depth + Height = Total Cloth Depth (Front to Back)

These calculations will give you the accurate dimensions for your tablecloth, both in terms of its length and depth, ensuring a perfect fit for your table.

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