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What size is Heras Fence Banners?

The standard size for heras fence banners is 3300mm x 1800mm, but we can make them any custom size to fit your heras fencing. 

heras fence banners

Size Measurement Values
3.3m 1.8m
10.8ft 5.9ft
129.9inch 70.8inch


Heras Fencing Banners are perfect for construction sites, building sites, development sites and crowd control fences.

We print our heras fencing banners on a strong 440gsm Mesh or PVC and all come with welded hems and metal eyelets for extra strength.

Mesh or PVC Heras fence banners?

The Mesh PVC has many tiny holes to allow some wind to past through, which is great for outdoor banners in windy locations. PVC Banners in theory are a brighter banner, but can be dangerous in high winds. Both materials are strong and durable.

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heras fencing banners

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