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Step and Repeat Banners

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A step and repeat banner is a great option for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their next event. Made from high-quality matte PVC material, it is single-sided and features looped pockets at the top and bottom for attaching to the stand poles.  FREE UK delivery and design work on all orders.

++The 10ft wide step and repeat banners are printed on premium material 


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Product Specifications

Stand: Telescopic stand comes in black and carry case, easy to install

Banner: Material is matte PVC single sided, with looped pockets top and bottom for the stand poles to slide through

The Step and Repeat Banner is a great option for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their next event. Made from high-quality matte PVC material, it is single-sided and features looped pockets at the top and bottom for attaching to the stand poles. The banner comes in three different sizes and is easy to install with the included telescopic stand and carry case. Its durable and weatherproof design make it suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and its sleek black color is sure to complement any event space.

Add a red carpet for a touch of luxury, or customize the banner with your own logo.

Step and repeat banner design

Here are some design tips to ensure your banner not only stands out but also serves it's promoting your brand or event sponsors:

Logo visibility: Logos are the key element, make sure they stand out and are not overcrowded by other design elements. Logos should be high resolution to avoid a pixelated look and should be repeated in a balanced and uniform manner across the banner. We'd be happy to assist in ensuring your design meets a high printing standard.

Background colours: Choose a background colour that complements both the event theme and logo colours. It shouldn't overpower the content of the banner. Neutral colours like white, black or grey will often make logos stand out and be suitable for whole range of events.

Make it reusable: If you plan to use your step and repeat banner multiple times that consider making in generic enough to maintain it's relevancy. 

Avoid glare: Our step and repeat backgrounds are printed on matte PVC which significantly reduces the chances of glare on photos. If you choose a material that uses a glossy finish, then be aware the event lighting could cause reflections that obscure the logos.

Where might step and repeat banners be used?

Step and repeat banners serve as a versatile backdrop for various events, offering a prime opportunity for branding and creating memorable photographic moments. Here are some common and effective places where step and repeat banners are used:

Tradeshows: They can provide a professional backdrop to panel sessions, product demonstrations and interviews. 

Award ceremonies: Adds glamour to photographs and ensures the event and it's sponsors get great exposure. Ensure logos are present in all coverage of the event.

Charity fundraisers: They are great at highlighting sponsors, supporters or causes. Add further recognition to any brands that support the charity or the event.

Press conferences / media interviews: Ensure consistent branding for the company and its supporters in all media coverage.




Artwork Guidelines

If you already have print-ready artwork please follow the steps below;

  • File format must be either PNG or PDF.
  • Artwork must be sized to the banner size required or an equivalent ratio i.e 2/1. This is to limit any resizing of your banner which could lead to stretching and pixilation.
  • The ideal resolution of the artwork will be greater than 150dpi but a lower resolution may be acceptable. We will double-check this for you before it goes to print.


Purchasing multiple items in one order:

If you are supplying multiple files for an order, please email us with a breakdown. This needs to include your order number and a description of which files are for which product. Where necessary please specific quantities.

Don't worry, we can help you

If you need some help with your files or have any queries, please contact us before ordering. If we provide any proofs of your artwork, please note that colours may vary depending on your monitor settings. We can work with you to get the best possible outcome for your product..


How do you hang a step and repeat banner?

To hang a step and repeat banner, you’ll typically use a telescopic stand that is included with the banner. This stand is adjustable and comes with a carry case for convenience. The banner itself will have looped pockets at the top and bottom, through which you slide the stand poles to secure it in place. This setup is intended to be straightforward to ensure easy installation.

I need you to set my artwork up, is that ok?

Yes, at checkout stage, upload your PNG logos and we will send you a proof of what your stand will look like. We always will wait for your approval of the artwork before anything goes to print

How do I order a step and repeat banner?

Choose your step and repeat size and print options above to see an instant quote. From there you can process your order online. You can then simply upload your artwork or choose our free design service. If you have any further questions at all please don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

What material is the banner made from?

We supply step and repeat banners printed on matte PVC, printed on one side. The materials is suppled with looped pockets for the stand to fit through.

Where are step and repeat banners used?

Typically seen at a range of events. Businesses use them a conferences and networking events for brand visibility, but they’re especially popular at award nights or charity fundraisers to promote sponsors. They’re a great tool for whenever you need a professional backdrop or where promotional photographs are being taken.

What step and repeat banner size do I need?

It all depends on how many people you would like to pose in front of the backdrop at a given time. Through Essex Banners you can order 4 different sizes of step and repeat backgrounds:

7 x 7: up to 3 /4 people

7 x 8: up to 4 / 5 people

7 x 9: up to 5 / 6 people

7 x 10: up to 6 / 7 people

What is a step and repeat banner?

They’re backdrop displays featuring one or more logos or images in a repeating pattern. The name “step and repeat” comes from the process of guests stepping in front of the banner for a photo, then the next guest repeating the action. They’re perfect for creating photo opportunities that promote brand exposure.

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