Feather flag printing

Feather Flag Printing Essex Banners are well known in the South East for their popular feather flag printing. Our feather flags – also be known as a blade or a sail flag, are extremely versatile, these can be used indoors or outdoors. A feather flag is very eye-catching, and is perfect for advertising or used […]

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What is a pop up banner size?

What is a Pop up Banner size? A Pop up banner size can come in different sizes. There is no standard size. It’s important to understand the difference between a pull-up banner and a pop up banner. Pull up banners are roller banners i.e banner stands and pop up banners are also known as pop […]

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What is a Correx Sign?

    Outdoor Correx Signs Correx signs are great for outdoor use and for building site signage solutions. These are very popular with the construction industry and work great as road signs. They are light and easy to store and install. They also are printed in full colour at a very low price. “See our […]

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What is an A0 Measurement?

A0 size is typically used for posters, drawings, and outdoor advertising. But can also be used for outdoor signage boards.   When is best to use A0 measurement? The A0 measurement format makes the ideal size for promotional materials. They are large enough to be noticed at a short distance and yet remain easy to carry […]

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