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Create a stunning banner with this how to guide

When it comes to advertising, the perfect banner design can bring in thousands of new customers. However, it has to be done right in order for this to happen. It’s not just about attracting attention, but about providing the right information to the relevant people. There are many points to consider when appealing to your target audience to ensure you are attracting the right customers to your business.  We’ve pulled together a handy how to guide, to help create the perfect banner design for any marketing strategy.

Believe that size matters

Consider the size of the banner you are producing. It can be very easy to go too big or too small with your requirements so consider yourself as a business and determine what size would best suit you. You don’t want to get lost in a crowd, but at the same time you don’t want to drown by the sheer vastness of your banner size. It might also be misleading to customers if your banner and business do not marry up.

Location, location, location

As with size, you need to give thought to position and location of the banner. For it to create the most impact, it needs to be positioned somewhere visible for your target audience, or somewhere with the biggest impact. Consider bus stations, train stations, even sporting events for maximum coverage. Of course, these tend to cost more so be wary of that too.

Know your audience

For your banner to have any success, you think to give thought to who you are designing it for and what you hope to achieve from its presence. By knowing your target market, you can make sure you are tailoring it to suit them and thus create a more successful marketing tool!

Know what you’re selling

As well as knowing your audience, you need to know your product and services and what you are selling. A banner is worthless without knowing what you are wanting to sell; it doesn’t matter if you’ve caught someone’s attention if it doesn’t then lead the consumer to the product or service you are looking to promote. Make sure your messaging is clear, concise and contactable.

Creativity is Key

Once you’ve agreed the size, location, audience, and product or service, you need to give serious thought to the overall banner design. It needs to do more than just have the relevant information. It needs to pop! And that can only be done with a good design. If you’re unable to design the banner yourself, never fear. At Essex Banners, we have a team of graphic designers who are able to create stunning graphics from scratch!

Be bold, be brave, be branded

It goes without saying, but your company logo needs to be prominent so people can see who the banner belongs from just a glance. Consider your corporate colours and how these might work in the overall design. You wouldn’t want to choose something that jars with your branding, nor do you want something that gets lost in it. Colour can make a huge difference to a successful or unsuccessful banner so make sure you choose your colours wisely.

Essex Banners banner printing service

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