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PVC Banners – why they are so good, and how long do they last?

PVC banners

They’re everywhere — gracing your local roundabout, at protest marches, attached to scaffolding, outside cafés, and at all sorts of sporting events.

They’re a low-cost, durable form of advertising, and easily portable.

Because they’re so cheap, it won’t break the bank to get a huge banner for a one-off event, and because you can roll them up, they store easily if you want to store them.

Banners can be used anywhere, anyhow and for anything. Need help on how to hang a banner?

How long will your banner last?

Our banners are printed using either eco solvent inks or UV curable inks. Either method produces high quality banners with images that will last outdoors without fading. The general assumption is 2 – 10 years. This depends on weathers and where they are placed.

A small difference in the weight of the PVC material makes a real difference. 440gsm is common; it’s a lightweight material, which, whilst perfectly adequate for many situations, doesn’t always stand up to the toughest weather.

Here at EssexBanners we find it pays to use a heavier material, and for the toughest banners we use a 510 gsm PVC.

This is much stronger and can survive all but the worst weather conditions. Of course we don’t charge extra for this 😉 we just like to provide the best.

If you’d like to re-use your banner from year to year, we can use cut vinyl letters and numbers to make it easy for you to change a date or other details.

Here is a blog post about how we make our banners.

If in doubt, ask…

The beauty of PVC banners is this flexibility. It means, whether you’re marching in protest or trying to attract hoards of shoppers with a giant sales proclamation, there’s a cost-effective option for you.

But all the variety can sometimes get confusing – so if you’re not sure what you need, we’re always happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch. Contact us

Want a quick quote for a PVC banner for your business or event? Contact us today for a quick quote – our prices are competitive and the quality always high!