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Banner Company – Why use one?

Banner Company


We know one thing for sure. There are a lot of things riding on your event, moment or celebration being a success. You want the day to be a success, especially if you’re representing your company. Essex Banners are proud to offer a solution that will ensure your big day is a resounding success. Banners can be confusing, there are so many different sizes and material types. Why not allow Essex Banners to assist you by offering second-to-none customer service when it comes to choosing the perfect Banner Company.

Not only are we incredibly swift in responding to our customers, we also boast a resounding public record in being one of the most knowledgeable in our industry. Many of our customers continue to return to Essex Banners, especially when it comes to their Banner needs. Time and time again, we always pertain to being the customers #’1 choice as the #1 Banner company

Essex Banners want to be your chosen choice in Banner Printing and Banner related materials. Alongside this, we also offer additional marketing options to give you an edge for you and your company. A few examples of products we work with include (but not limited to); Company posters, Company Decals, Company Branded Table Covers, Magnetic Signs, Pavement signs and a whole host of other fantastic, quality marketing materials and products for your company.

Being your ideal banner company would also mean we’re a little more than just a brilliant customer service or quality products. We ensure to always go the extra mile with our customers by offering them wonderful incentives, such as a quality guarantee, which ensures you are always satisfied with your chosen banner or material product for your company. We’ll always reprint your order should you not be happy with the final outcome. As a Banner Company, we take pride in getting your products right. We’ll ensure each product is completed to an exceptional standard of which we would be proud to put our name to.


PVC Banners Essex


Being a leader as a Banner company would also mean that we know how to care about the smaller company based events. We always strive to provide the very best in prices for each and every single-one of our products. We tell our customers every time that “Essex Banners put an emphasis on pricing to quality ratio. Just because you received a striking banner or other product from us, you can be at ease knowing its made with only the best and most premium of materials.

Essex Banners know how important the events are to your company and that deadlines are just that. Deadlines. We do not expect our customers to be kept waiting on the eventuality of delivery. Essex Banners excell as a Banner company in this regard, by providing 24/7 Collection of your product. Never have to worry your product arriving after your event starting date.

Exceptional Printing Knowledge is what we pride ourselves on. We believe we are leaders and will always come out on top as a leading Banner company. Essex Banners will be with you every step of the way in your process to create the perfect Banner. During the process we will provide you with Design Proofs (which are absolutely free of charge and no extra cost is incurred for this service) as a means in which we can be confident with our customer that they will receive and fall in love with their initial concept.

roller banner 800mm


We offer a wide variety of Banner products, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the right one for you. To be able to locate what would be idea for your situation, we may ask your questions about the intended usage of the banner. Examples of this may include variables such as; Location, Weather conditions, Sizes, material and more.

Below are a few examples of the Banners we stock, these include a wide-variety of shapes, sizes and more.


printed PVC Banner
Local School Banners, created by Essex Banners

Banners used for Indoors:

Roll up Banners: These Banners are outstanding for out in the field use. If you’re searching for a Banner that is not only portable, but exceptionally sturdy, Roll up banners would be a wonderful choice. We often recommend these products to our customers that are searching for a way to display their products to customers or those who are within’ view of this banner. Reach out to us to see if this would be right for you.

L Based Banners: Although these are often mistaken as a Roll up banner, these Banners are a wonderful choice and achieve a modern and sleek design to showcase your product and/or events in style. Much-alike our Roll up banner, this banner is incredibly light and is very portable.

X-Banners: This is a great way to showcase your banner of large sizes. The X Banner is incredible because it is able to stand far more firm when compared to some of the above listed products. The name of ‘X Banner’ comes from the shape and structure of the Banner.

Much alike all of our products, we boast incredible workmanship, care and exceptional customer service and processing with your chosen product.

If you wish to see our Ourdoor Branding products (including incredible work pioneered by an incredible Banner Company, you can find this here.

Additionally, we also offer other marketing materials like company posters, decals, logo table covers, throws, and more. To build a great bond with the audience, …

Professional standards by a quality Banner Company

Incredible Quality, Material and Confidence

Do you need to speak to a Banner Company?

Considering a Banner Company to take your Banner idea or design to the next level with our tailored advice?

We continuously strive to provide a professional end-result with a customer service team member dedicated to you every step of the way. Take the leap. Contact Essex Banners today!

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